Crumbl Introduces Fruity New Muffin Cookie To Rotating Line-Up

There's a new cookie in Crumbl's lineup, and it's safe to say fans are "BERRY" excited. If you're unfamiliar with Crumbl Cookies' unique setup, listen up. The cookie chain has a rotating menu that changes each and every week, which keeps devoted customers on their toes. So, aside from their classic chocolate chip and sugar cookies, fans are pushed out of their comfort zone and given a selection of specialty flavors. Or, of course, they can sample the entire batch of each collection.

On TikTok, the activity of taste-testing new flavors has become extremely popular and some users on the app have made it a weekly ritual. Meanwhile, others get more excited for the popular cookie brand's returning favorites than they get when new options are added. Either way, plenty of fans are sure to love Crumbl's latest muffin-inspired cookie, which was added to their latest menu earlier this week.

Crumbl Cookies introduces the Blueberry Muffin cookie

The new cookie flavor is none other than Blueberry Muffin. Crumbl announced on its Instagram account on Monday, February 28, that the new addition, "is ribboned with blueberries and topped with a muffin streusel for the perfect homemade taste." It also released a promotional YouTube video, with some tasty, high-quality shots of the cookie to get fans hyped.

Some people have already tried the new cookie, along with the other flavors for the week, including Snickerdoodle, Birthday Cake cookie featuring Oreo, Classic Pink Sugar Cookie, Hazelnut Sea Salt cookie, and Milk Chocolate Chip cookie (via Brand Eating). One such reviewer was Paris Mariee on YouTube, who described the cookie as their "favorite cookie this week." Another person, (the mind of) Aaron, who commented on Mariee's review, said that they preferred the cookie because it wasn't overpowering.

Crumbl's Blueberry Muffin cookie, along with this week's other selections, are available until March 5.