This Sam's Club Membership Deal Gets You A Discount, Free Food, And A Gift Card

Everybody has at least one task on their to-do list that they put off until it simply cannot be avoided anymore. Some find laundry to be the bane of their existence while others consider going to the bank to be a major pain. And then, of course, there's grocery shopping, which can be a day-ruiner for even the most die-hard foodies. "I hate it so much. Despise almost. It's crowded, cold, boring, I get hit by carts, everything costs too much, buying food is just blah," one person explained of their hatred for the chore. They did, however, find one silver lining in their trips to the market. "They play really good music," they said.

Unfortunately, grocery shopping is a part of life that is difficult to circumvent, especially since going the takeout route meals will end up costing exponentially more this year due to anĀ increase in restaurant prices. There are, however, ways to cut down on the number of yearly shopping trips you have to make, like buying in bulk, which is made easy with a membership to the popular big-box retailer, Sam's Club. The Walmart-owned wholesaler offers exclusive discounts to customers, giving them the chance to stock up on their favorite products at fair prices. Now, CNET reports, new cardholders can receive some generous perks when they sign up for a membership for a limited time.

New Sam's Club members can enjoy free dinner and dessert

Whether you want to buy in bulk to avoid going to the grocery store or simply want to see a 30-pound bucket of mayonnaise with your very own eyes, signing up for a Sam's Club membership may help you achieve your goal. Per the retailer's website, the price for a standard membership is $45 a year and includes a number of benefits like free curbside pickup and savings on fuel. Per CNET, those that sign up from now until March 6 can enjoy even more benefits to becoming a Sam's Club cardholder, starting with an annual membership fee that's half the cost.

Thanks to a deal from Stack Social, potential Sam's Club members can score a year-long membership to the big box retailer for just $19.99, and that's not all. Those that sign-up during the time frame will also receive a rotisserie chicken and an eight-count package of gourmet cupcakes at no cost, plus a $10 e-gift card that can be used at the wholesaler or its parent chain, Walmart.

Many have already taken advantage of this deal, and have returned to Stack Social to rave about the benefits of their new Sam's Club membership. "Great price. After all the savings the membership was basically free," wrote one reviewer, who also confirmed that their new membership has helped reduce the number of grocery shopping trips they've had to take. "Now I am only going every other week and have cut down on my cost."