Jimmy John's Newest Sandwich Is Perfect For Aioli Lovers

Jimmy John's doesn't just want to give its customers a sandwich. It wants to deliver its fans "The Sandwich of Sandwiches," made with freshly baked bread, hand-sliced meats and cheeses, and quality vegetables, according to the chain's website. And while Jimmy John's promises to deliver fresh, all-natural ingredients to everyone, no matter what they order, the sandwich chain is now offering fans the chance to get an extra flavorful kick in each bite with the launch of the new Zesty Garden Turkey Club sandwich. 

"Zest" is indeed the name of the game when it comes to this new sandwich, per Jimmy John's chief marketing officer Darin Dugan, who said in a press release that "zesty flavors unite with every fresh bite." But where does all that zest come from? For starters, each new Zesty Garden Turkey Club sandwich is spread with an herb aioli that's made on site. The sandwich, served on French bread, is then layered with sliced turkey, slow-roasted tomatoes, and pickled red onions.

The new Zesty Garden Turkey Club will only be available until mid-April

Brand Eating — which adds that the Zesty Garden Turkey Club also has bacon and provolone — reported spotting Jimmy Johns' new sandwich for $10.59 (a dollar more than a standard turkey club sandwich) at one location, although prices may vary. The new club is not a permanent menu offering, but a limited-edition item that's only available through April 17.

This "zesty" new option comes on the heels of some of Jimmy Johns' other specialty sandwich offerings, including the hearty Beefy Black & Bleu Sandwich that was available from the end of October through mid-December of 2021, per Thrillist. And last July, Jimmy John's served up lighter, fresher fare for summer in the form of its salad-filled Summer Sandwich Wraps, according to a press release. It's a bit early to tell what customers think about the chain's new Zesty Garden Turkey Club, but if you're wondering what the sauce will taste like, a Jimmy John's employee on Reddit said it's simply a mixture of pesto and mayonnaise.