Sandra Lee Has 'All Sorts Of Emotions' About Getting A Hysterectomy

Chef and TV personality Sandra Lee found herself dealing with uncertainty after she was told about her breast cancer diagnosis in March 2015. According to Good Housekeeping, Lee was taken aback by the update but was determined to learn as much as she could about the disease and watched the show, "Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies," for several days. She later said, "I started to understand how aggressive cancer is, and I decided to fight back just as aggressively."

The chef chose to keep her diagnosis private, a decision that was pretty difficult for her to deal with. She said, "It was crazy for weeks. I would leave a set with hair and makeup and go to a doctor's office and interview him about treatment options and do my tests." She eventually opted for a double mastectomy and started healing from the procedure only to be hit by a roadblock: Doctors discovered that she had a "life-threatening infection" in one of her breasts — she was advised bed rest for three long months.

The chef bounced back despite going through so much and resumed her career. Yesterday, Lee wrote a heartfelt Instagram post about opting for a hysterectomy after delaying the procedure for many years.

Lee was vulnerable with her fans

Sandra Lee wrote about her hesitation to move forward with a hysterectomy in an Instagram post yesterday, explaining that she was advised to opt for the surgery years ago. Lee wrote, "It was a follow-up to my breast cancer surgery, but I had repeatedly put it off and then Covid hit. Fast-forward to now, during a routine appointment with my gynecologist, she noticed a change in some of my cells. I went for a second and third opinion and they all confirmed the same."

She added that she was not keen on getting another surgery because of the complications she had experienced in the past. However, she sought inspiration from other women "who went public with their own health decision" and felt "a little embarrassed" that she had not been able to say yes to surgery for so long. However, the celebrity chef recently chose to conquer her fears and agreed to a hysterectomy. She wrote about being overwhelmed: "I am filled with all sorts of emotions. I am scared but also happy to be getting this done — strength and courage! We must always remember to have strength and courage."

According to People, Lee is now recovering from her surgery. Her representative said in a statement that the "surgery was a success, and she's resting comfortably." Fans praised Sandra Lee for her decision to be so transparent and shared their own stories with the chef, wishing her good health and a quick recovery.