Kellogg's New Rice Krispies Rabbits And Eggs For Easter 2022 Are Too Cute

Kellogg's is notorious for releasing ... interesting products during the Easter season. In 2019, the company introduced Peeps cereal, which was full of marshmallows and colorful cereal pieces. According to Delish, the marshmallows were "animal-shaped," and the cereal reminded consumers of other classic treats such as Golden Oreos and Apple Jacks (mainly for their texture). And while Peeps are an Easter-basket staple, Kellogg's wants fans to add another one of its brands to their springtime treat lineup.

Additionally, the company came up with Easter-friendly recipes using other Kellogg's products, including an Easter Egg Rice Krispies Treats recipe, featuring marshmallows, sprinkles, and plenty of butter. Homemade Rice Krispies Treats are a popular year-round delicacy, but the recipe added a festive springtime touch.

Now, Kellogg's has announced that it has released three special treats for Easter 2022, and they go way beyond boxes of cereal. Per a Brand Eating report, the new products are already on store shelves across the United States.

Three new treats are up for grabs

As reported by Brand Eating, Kellogg's has teamed up with Frankford Candy to offer three new products for Easter, including the Rice Krispies Milk Chocolate Rabbit, the Apple Jacks White Candy Rabbit, and the Rice Krispies Milk Chocolate Eggs. Per Brand Eating, the first option is a "milk chocolate rabbit embedded with Rice Krispies cereal" and is available at Menards, Giant Eagle, and H-E-B outlets across the United States. Shoppers can choose a 1.6-ounce milk chocolate rabbit (for $2.50) or a 5-ounce rabbit for $4.99.

The Apple Jacks White Candy Rabbit is made of "Apple Jacks cereal mixed with creamy white candy and formed in a rabbit shape" and is available in "a 1.6-ounce size" for $2.50 at Walmart and Five Below. Customers can also try the Rice Krispies Milk Chocolate Eggs that are being sold in 5-ounce packs and are essentially "half-inch eggs made of milk chocolate and original Rice Krispies cereal." They can be purchased for $4 at Wegmans and CVS outlets in the U.S. Plus, all three products can also be bought online at Frankford Candy's official website, as well as on Amazon.

People on Instagram are definitely curious about the new products, too. Someone commented on Frankford Candy's post on the collaboration and simply wrote, "Sugar rush," while another commenter said, "The Rice Krispies one. Oh my," accompanied by heart-eye emojis. But another Instagram user joked, "Stop the madness."