The Secret Ingredient To In-N-Out's Sauce According To Joshua Weissman - Exclusive

YouTuber Joshua Weissman will never skimp on sauces, and his 5.84 million subscribers on the platform know this well. "I think that sauce is single-handedly the most important element to any food, period," Weissman proclaimed to Mashed in an exclusive interview. "[It's] very underrated, very misunderstood." Weissman also copped to preferring store-bought ketchup, as well as Cholula hot sauce, and Sriracha. Everything else under the sun, however, he'll make himself. Yes, that includes In-N-Out's iconic sauce.

"My favorite fast food sauce of all time is the In-N-Out spread ... Not just because of flavor or taste, but because of its versatility. It is so good on anything," Weissman gushed to Mashed. "Put it on a chicken sandwich, put it on a burger, dip your fries in it, dip your onion rings in it. It goes good with everything. It's that nice balance of salty, sweet, [and] acidic." Culinary genius J. Kenji López-Alt once dissected the spread for Serious Eats, determining that the beloved topping included mayonnaise, ketchup, pickle relish, vinegar, and sugar. Though, Weissman's version is a different animal all together.   

The most important ingredient to In-N-Out's sauce isn't what you think

To recreate In-N-Out's infamous sauce à la Joshua Weissman, you'll still need healthy doses of ketchup and mayo, which Weissman explained to Mashed is the base, adding you'll need, "One cup of mayo, half-cup of ketchup." From here on out, things get more exciting. "[It's a] two-to-one ratio of ketchup to mayo and then a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce, one diced dill pickle, salt and pepper to taste, and a half a bunch of chives, very thinly-sliced," Weissman said.

Go ahead and add garlic, too, if your taste buds long for it. There is one ingredient, however, that is non-negotiable. "A very important one is ... [an] onion that's been caramelized, sliced, and caramelized really, really deep, like for ... French onion soup," Weissman revealed. "That is essential in the sauce. You can skip the addition of garlic and spices, but you have to have the caramelized onion."

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