Instagram Is Tearing Up At Duff Goldman's Cake Shop Anniversary Tribute

For celebrity chef and Food Network star Duff Goldman, being in the kitchen is a passion that showed up early in his life. According to The Culinary Institute of America, Goldman was only 4-years-old when his mother found him "watching Chef Tell and swinging around a meat cleaver." He continued exploring his love for food and started working in the culinary world as a teenager. Goldman has never looked back. He once told Insider, "I decided to be a chef when I was 14 and I find it fascinating that I still enjoy it...I still think to myself, 'Wow, I could literally do this my whole life.'"

Well, Goldman is staying true to those words, as he has been running his Baltimore-based bakery, Charm City Cakes for 20 years and is teaching others how to perfect their baking skills through classes held online and in Baltimore. Yesterday, the "Ace of Cakes" star posted a long and sentimental Instagram post about making his debut in the bakery business all those years ago, moving fans with his honesty.

Fans and colleagues are inspired by Goldman

Duff Goldman posted to his Instagram about taking a leap of faith with his "tiny cake business" in his Baltimore apartment in March 2002. He called it the "best decision" that he has ever made, writing, "It's taken a village to get where we are today, but looking back over the last 20 years, through all the highs and lows, I wouldn't change a thing. Thank you to everyone who has had a hand in making @charmcitycakes the best little cake shop in the world."

He thanked everyone who has been a part of the journey, from the decorators to the administrative staff and the customers who support Charm City Cakes. Goldman shares, "You have all believed that cakes don't necessarily have to be round. I love Charm City Cakes."

Goldman's fans rallied around him in support, with a whopping 552 comments on his post, many thanking him for his hard work and offering happy anniversary wishes. One fan wrote, "Congratulations...definitely an inspiration for myself and starting this little cake and cookie business." And another fellow baker commented with a quote of admiration "'If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.' Isaac Newton." 

Goldman's colleagues dropped in as well with supportive messages, including celebrity chefs Alex Guarnaschelli, Kardea Brown, and Jason Licker, who deemed him a "Legend!"