The Real Reason Wegmans Recalled Its Flavored Hummus

Some people find hummus to be so wonderful, they buy multiple pounds of the dip at a time. However, any hummus devotees who bought the two-pound tub of Roasted Garlic Hummus from Wegmans should double check the packaging. As Food Safety News reports, this product is subject to a recall due to worries that plastic pieces have found their way inside.

The specific markets that should be aware of the recall are "Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia." The product has a best-by date of March 26 and a UPC of 0-77890-26225-2. Anyone with a two-pound container of Wegmans' Roasted Garlic Hummus should return it to their local store for a refund.

No explanation for why such a specific product has been contaminated was given. However, it also means that the refund can be used to purchase either an equally large amount of hummus or two smaller containers of the Roasted Garlic of which you've been deprived.

The dangers of plastic consumption

It seems safe to assume that Wegmans is worried people will choke on larger pieces of plastic lurking in its now-recalled hummus. However, it isn't the only potential plastic consumption problem out there — the average person ingests thousands of "microplastics" every year.

The Washington Post explains that we unintentionally consume minute amounts of plastic because of how the ubiquitous plastics in our society have broken down, ended up in our waterways, and followed the water cycle into our food and drinks. While the overall effect of ingesting plastic is still murky, signs indicate it could cause hormonal issues, infertility, and cancer. Steps people can take towards reducing their consumption of microplastics include drinking tap water, eating fresh food, and not heating food stored in plastic packaging. Still, considering most prepared food like hummus comes in plastic packaging, actually avoiding all exposure to microplastics is nearly impossible. It's probably a good thing that Wegmans Roasted Garlic Hummus isn't served hot.