Spicy Snacks You Have To Try If You're A Heat Lover

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Heat lovers, your day has come. We've had it with the boring, bland snacks that offer nothing more than a whisper of salt for flavoring. We're tired of the "spicy" dishes that only contain a sprinkling of black pepper. And we've had it up to here with the "milds" and even the "mediums." For all those who want nothing more than to breathe fire after they've downed their favorite snack, this list is for you. We want you to know that you're seen and heard — there are brands out there that are making the spicy snacks of your dreams. You just have to know what you're looking for.

We're here to help. We've made a list of some of our all-time favorite spicy snacks so you know what to buy at the store (or order online). While some of these selections are spicier than others, they all offer more than a punch of heat-infused flavor. From the small, just-getting-started brands you've never heard of to the more well-established names in the snack game, we've got you covered when it comes to the spicy snacks. Take a look at some of our favorites ... they may just become your new favorites too.

Chuza Spicy Cranberries

Just because you're snacking doesn't mean you have to eat something unhealthy ... or something bland. And luckily, Chuza has you covered on both fronts. This Mexican-founded and owned brand douses dried fruit in Mexican spices, and everything they offer is fantastic. They definitely do not go light on the seasoning, so you'll be left with a dusting of orange chili powder on your hands after digging through the bag. (But don't worry — they're not as bad as Cheetos on that front.)

While we like all of this brand's fruity offerings, our favorite has to be the spicy cranberries. While it's not uncommon to find spicy dried mango or even apricot, we've never seen spicy cranberries before, and the combo is absolute perfection. The cranberries have a hint of sweetness to them, but they're more tart than anything. That tartness, combined with the salt and chili powder of the seasoning mix, is a match made in heaven.

But don't let our preferences limit you when it comes to what Chuza has to offer. Give their other products, like their spicy dried strawberries, a try. And if you really love the flavor, know that you can buy their chili seasoning on its own to sprinkle on whatever you happen to be snacking on.

Biena Habanero Roasted Chickpeas

If there's one simple, easy snack that rises above the rest, it has to be crispy chickpeas. They offer all the crunch of a chip but have a more complex flavor and offer something different from your typical carb-filled snack. But if you can't be bothered with making your own and you love spicy snacks, then you're going to want to pick up some Biena Habanero Roasted Chickpeas ASAP.

For those who love spicy food but don't want their tongue to get burned off in the process, this snack is just what you're looking for. The habanero offers the perfect kick without being overwhelming, and there's just a hint of lemon in the recipe to freshen things up. Start eating them, and you may just find that you go through the entire bag before you even realize they're gone.

While these chickpeas clearly make an excellent snack, they don't have to be relegated to the periods in between meal times. They also make a great salad topper in place of croutons, and they can even be added to pasta dishes for an extra crunch.

Tương ớt Hot Salted Sriracha Dark Chocolate

We're going to let you in on a secret: Sriracha plus salt plus chocolate is an earth-shattering combination. If you're the kind of person who loves sweet foods but can't eat more than a few bites without your taste buds getting overwhelmed, you're going to fall in love with Tương ớt Hot Salted Sriracha Dark Chocolate. Although this is a dark chocolate bar, it's only 55%, which means you're still getting plenty of sweetness in every bite. That sweetness melds exceptionally well with the heat and slight tang coming from the sriracha.

And if the sweet-plus-heat combo weren't already enough, they take it to the next level by adding sea salt to provide just the right amount of savory flavors to this "dessert." Some other brands offer spicy chocolate bars, but this one is by far our favorite because of that noticeable tang — and the fact that it actually is spicy.

If you've never experienced the joy of spicy chocolate before, you have to give this chocolate a try. You'll never want to eat the plain stuff again — sorry, Hershey's.

Dang Thai Rice Chips

Clearly, we can't get enough of the sriracha stuff over here, and that's why it's not surprising that we're absolutely in love with Dang Thai Rice Chips. These too contain sriracha flavoring, which you can pick up on immediately after you take a bite. The rice chips are light and pillowy, but without the seasonings, they'd probably be pretty bland. That means they go really well with the sriracha spice: It takes front and center, so it's fully the star of the show. At the same time, you get a hint of sweetness that balances those flavors nicely. They also have a nice crunch to them, which is basically half of what we're looking for when we're on the hunt for something to snack on, isn't it?

While these rice chips definitely are spicy, they're not overwhelming, so you can easily share them with all of your non-spicy-loving friends. That being said, they still pack a lot of flavor, so these Thai rice chips are not ideal if you're looking for something on the plainer side. And since they're not too oily, it's not a messy snack to eat, even if you're on the go.

When you're looking for easy snacking that's sure to fill you up and leave you satisfied while offering just the right touch of heat, you can't go wrong with these rice chips. If you can't find them at a store near you, you can always buy them online.

Takis Fuego

We can't forget about the heavy hitters of the snack world, and Takis Fuego definitely fit the bill. There's a reason Takis are such a popular snack, and it all comes down to the unique shape and resulting crunch. Unlike normal tortilla chips that are flat or at least close to it, Takis are rolled into a tube. This makes them crunchier, easy to snack on, and if you ask us, way more addictive. Have one, and it's difficult to stop yourself from finishing the entire bag.

There are plenty of different Takis flavors to choose from, but if you ask us, the Fuego variation is undoubtedly the best of them all (though the guacamole ones come close). A word of warning: These actually are pretty hot, so they're not for the faint of heart. Combined with their slight saltiness and the crunch of the tortilla chips, they're a fantastic snack for when you really want to indulge. If you really love them, you can also crush them up and add them to other dishes for some added crunch, flavor, and heat. Give it a try and thank us later.

Brooklyn Biltong Peri Peri Chili

Are you following a keto diet, or are you just trying to cut down on the carbs in your diet? If so, it may seem difficult to find snacks that are actually satisfying. But one good place to start is with jerky. Jerky is low in carbs and can pack a lot of flavor, depending on what kind of spices are used in any given recipe. And while some commercial jerkies are less than appetizing, there are some solid brands out there that we can't get enough of. One of those brands? Brooklyn Biltong.

Biltong is dried, cured meat from South Africa, but it's a bit different than what you might be used to. Brooklyn Biltong says if "prosciutto and beef jerky had a baby, that baby would be biltong." Intrigued yet? You should know that this brand knocks it out of the park. We especially love the Peri Peri Chili flavor because of its heat and complex flavor profile. Taste carefully, and you'll be able to pick up on the garlic, ginger, and chilis that meld together perfectly. The meat itself is more tender than other jerkies you may have had in the past, so even if you don't like super chewy snacks, there's still a good chance that you'll like this one.

Poppy Jalapeno Cheddar Popcorn

Sure, you can always make your own popcorn at home, but we can almost guarantee that it won't be as good as Poppy Jalapeño Cheddar Popcorn. Although many other popcorn brands on the market offer popcorn that tastes, frankly, stale, that's not what you're going to get with Poppy. Every bag is nice and fresh when you open it, and the popcorn tastes like you just made it yourself on the stove. Poppy offers plenty of different flavors, but if you're all about the spicy flavors, you have to go with the Jalapeño Cheddar.

This flavor brings a mild heat with the jalapeños, and pairs it with the creamy richness of cheddar. When these two elements come together, they create an intensely flavored snack that goes exceptionally well with the blank canvas of popcorn. The only problem? The bag isn't very big, so you're probably going to want to stock up the next time you get your hands on some.

Flamin' Hot Cheetos

Here's another classic we just had to cover. How can you not like Flamin' Hot Cheetos? If you've had Cheetos before, you already know the deal. They're crispy, crunchy, and unfortunately, pretty addictive. Stick your hand in the bag once, and you might just be digging around in it until it's gone ... or at least until you can pull yourself away. But for those who love spice above all else, the plain Cheetos just can't compare to the Flamin' Hot variety.

Flamin' Hot Cheetos walk a fine line of too-hot and just-right. For people who are sensitive to heat, these may be too spicy. But if you love some spice in your snacks, they're basically a dream come true. They burn your tongue in a way that makes you want more — that irresistible pull toward the perfect amount of intensity. And since you can get this snack just about anywhere, it's definitely one of the more accessible options on our list.

If you like some tang with your spice, try the Flamin' Hot Cheetos with Lime variety.

Blue Diamond Sweet Thai Chili Almonds

Healthy snackers, we have a treat for you. Plain almonds are great and all, but if you want something a bit more interesting and exciting, all you have to do is go pick up some Blue Diamond Sweet Thai Chili Almonds. Blue Diamond is one the best-known almond brands out there, so you shouldn't have too much of an issue finding it at a grocery store near you. But if you're not well-acquainted with the brand, you may not realize that it offers a selection of seriously spicy treats. Some of them, frankly, are wildly hot — even for people who like a lot of spice. For those looking for something more balanced, you can't go wrong with the sweet Thai chili almonds.

There is a sweetness to this recipe, but it's subtle. The majority of this flavor comes from the heat, which is intense but not too intense. With just the right amount of salt, these are a relatively healthy snack that you won't want to put down. If you can't normally get yourself to eat that many almonds before losing interest, give this flavored option a try. Almonds may just become your new favorite snack.

Jeni's Queen City Cayenne Ice Cream

We've already covered spicy chocolate on our list, so you know that sweet and heat can go together really well. But did you know that you can also find spicy ice cream? That's right: Jeni's Queen City Cayenne Ice Cream is ready to give you an experience you've never had before. Jeni's is famous for its ultra-creamy, extra-decadent ice creams that come in just about every flavor combo possible. You're not just getting the basics here — the company really goes above and beyond to make every flavor shine. But the Queen City Cayenne Ice Cream definitely takes things a step further.

This chocolate ice cream is infused with spicy, complex cayenne for an ice cream flavor that we'll bet you've never tried before. After you taste this stuff, you're never going to want to stick to the same old boring chocolate ice cream ever again. For everyone who loves spicy foods so much they'll even incorporate them into dessert, this snack option is a no-brainer.

Oh Snap! Hottie Pickle Bites

When it comes to crunchy snacks, pickles are often overlooked. This is unfortunate, because pickles are by far one of the most glorious snacks of all times. They're juicy, they're salty, and they're super, super acidic. What's not to love? But if you feel like they're missing just one thing, and that one thing is spice, you're not alone. That's why Oh Snap! Hottie Pickle Bites exist. They're sliced pickles, packaged and ready to go in a pouch you can take with you wherever — don't worry about lugging around a glass jar full of pickles when you're trying to go about your day.

Plus, there's no brine in the bag, so you don't have to worry about making a mess. These have a hint of pleasant heat to them, but you could get away with serving them to someone who isn't a huge fan of spice if you warn them beforehand. We love this option for a healthy and refreshing snack.

Jalapeno Kettle Chips

The Kettle brand is another option that's widely available at many grocery stores around the country, so we couldn't forget to add Jalapeño Kettle Chips to our list. This essential snack definitely isn't the spiciest of the bunch, but they pack so much flavor in every bite that we couldn't resist. When you pair that heat and flavor with the intense crunch of Kettle Chips, it's no wonder this one is a favorite amongst spice and no-spice lovers alike. These chips are extremely thick cut, so they offer a lovely level of crunch. They also often come out of the bag twisted and folded in on each other, which just increases the crunch factor even more.

If you're looking for a similar flavor profile but want a little less heat, we suggest going with the Pepperoncini flavor instead — it has a zing to it that's hard to resist. But really, you can't go wrong with any flavor of Kettle Chip, if you ask us.

Frank's RedHot Goldfish Crackers

Goldfish crackers are one of the most legendary snacks out there, but you may assume that every single flavor is bland and unremarkable. Of course, you may still like that plain cheddar flavor, but it doesn't mean it'll be of any interest to you when you're looking for a spicy snack. However, this assumption is totally wrong. After all, you can easily snag some Frank's RedHot Goldfish crackers from store shelves.

This snack combines the iconic hot sauce with the even more iconic fish-shaped cracker, creating a combo that we never knew we needed until we tried it for the first time. The spice and tang from the hot sauce perfectly complements the salty carbs you'll find in a bag of Goldfish crackers. Each bite is even more enticing than the last, and if you can stop yourself from eating a whole bag in one sitting, you're a better person than we are.