Instagram Can't Wait To Try Geoffrey Zakarian's Simple Beets Recipe

Home cooks have found a ton of ways to prepare beets over the years. According to Spend With Pennies, some have roasted this vegetable in the oven, boiled them on the stovetop with a bit of lemon, and even just covered them with a damp cloth and threw them straight in the microwave. Eating Well recommends turning your beets into chips and says you can also eat them raw. While these preparation methods can get anyone excited to try out some new techniques in the kitchen, not everyone has time to experiment with beets in order to find their favorite cooking method. Instead, they can simply take the lead from Geoffery Zakarian, who recently took to Instagram to show off his tried-and-true beet-cooking method and quickly got his followers excited about what they had seen. 

In his posted video, Zakarian showed off how to cook the vegetable, alongside the caption, "HOW TO COOK BEETS! Simply cut the tops off and place in a pot of water with red wine vinegar, salt, coriander, peppercorns, and sugar. Cook over medium heat for about an hour. (if a fork goes through easily they are done) Slice up on a beautiful platter and drizzle sage olive oil, forvm chardonnay vinegar, [Maldon Salt] and pepper! Enjoy!"

Instagram is drooling over Geoffrey Zakarian's beets

Followers couldn't get enough of the video recipe. The Instagram attracted a ton of comments, ranging, "So pretty," all the way to, "Looks heavenly! Beets are my favorite thing to eat." The video inspired some to share their own prep methods, like, "Love beets! And I never did growing up! I usually roast them with some orange juice and zest but this method looks great with all the spices and vinegar for flavor," and, "I usually bake them and season after, but this way looks amazing. Definitely going to try it!!"

The cooking demonstration even convinced some to try beets for the first time, like one follower who said, "I've never craved beets before. Thanks, Chef!!" The video also helped another user to plunge deeper into the vegetable, and they replied with, "Wow! #prettyfood I'm just starting to like beets lol and this looks amazing. I must try this Sage olive oil!" While many loved the final product, some Instagrammers commended Zakarian on how he handled the vegetable, and commented with, "That looks so good!! [You're] brave to peel beets w/o gloves!!" 

Finding a way to enjoy beets can take time and practice, but with a little inspiration from Zakarian, anyone can take on this deep red root vegetable.