This Was Eddie Van Halen's Favorite Dish, According To Valerie Bertinelli

Valerie Bertinelli continues to be a wonderful source of information about her famous family. Not long ago, Bertinelli discussed her love for the late Eddie Van Halen in an interview. More recently, she provided fans with a little insight into something that her famous rocker ex-husband loved. The former "Hot in Cleveland" star wrote on Instagram about Van Halen's favorite dish, which she learned from her former mother-in-law. "Let's cook today! 'Bami Goreng' is Ed's favorite dish!" shared the cook and food celebrity. "His mother taught me how to make it when I went to stay with his parents for a while so we could get to know each other better."

According to Bertinelli, Bami Goreng is "such a deliciously tasty Indonesian dish with personality." She encouraged fans to "give it a try." A recipe can be found on her personal website as well as the Food Network website. Tackling this meal takes an intermediate level of skill and about 45 minutes total for cooking and preparation. So what do fans need to know about Van Halen's favorite dish?

Bertinelli cooks Eddie Van Halen's favorite noodle dish

Described as an Indonesian spiced noodle dish, Bami Goreng and its rice-based counterpart, Nasi Goreng, are also highly popular in the Netherlands as shared by Kikkoman. The soy sauce makers share that Dutch colonists in Indonesia brought this specialty back to Holland ages ago. The site characterizes Nasi Goreng as "pretty much the national dish." So perhaps it should come as no surprise that this dish was a hit with Netherlands-born Van Halen.

Bertinelli's recipe calls for two primary parts, beginning with a savory, spicy simmer sauce called ketjap sambal (via the Food Network website). The ketjap sambal adds the kick to the Bami Goreng, which consists of noodles, vegetables, and pork tenderloin. Foodies will want to note that Bertinelli uses spaghetti noodles for her take whereas others may favor a more traditional Asian-style egg pasta. People gave the dish rave reviews, with one sharing, "This was the best! Making the sauces from scratch makes the difference! Can't wait to make again."