Is Rachael Ray Really That Bad At Tipping?

Tipping can be a controversial topic, as Consumer Reports lays out. Some, such as the National Restaurant Association and its Why Tipping Works website, strongly believe in tipping restaurant and bar servers. However, there are others, such as this Eater writer, who believe that the custom, "or at least the wage laws that allow it to penalize servers and diners," of tipping should be abolished.

Whichever side of the tipping debate you fall on, the standard "rule" is to tip 15-20% of your pre-tax bill, according to Consumer Reports. The outlet strongly discourages tipping under 15% unless something egregious happens. And under no circumstances is it appropriate to not leave a tip at all, the publication claims. If math isn't your strong suit, you can figure out a 20% tip by doubling the tax in places where the tax is 10%, or you can whip out your phone's calculator.

Of course, your personal finances can influence how much you feel comfortable tipping. That being said, this doesn't apply to everyone, especially millionaire business moguls who are reportedly rolling in the dough.

Ray reportedly tips very little

One business mogul and celebrity who has a net worth of $100 million (via Celebrity Net Worth) is Rachael Ray. Ray got her big break when her hit Food Network series "30 Minute Meals" debuted in 2001 (via The Washington Post). But, a subsequent show that opened the floodgates for other career avenues (and got her a bit of viewer hate) was "$40 a Day." 

As the name implies, the series followed Ray as she traveled around different cities with a $40 food budget. The show's objective was to inspire viewers with "countless tips on how you can enjoy gourmet fare on a pauper's budget no matter where your travels take you" (via Food Network). While the show gained viewers, many people also started to believe an unsavory trait about Ray: that she's a bad tipper (via Business Insider India).

But is Ray really that bad of a tipper? Well, The Richest reports that she "regularly tips less than 10% and has even promoted the idea that 7% was a good enough tip" on the show. The site also points out that she stayed within her $40 quota because she tipped poorly. Business Insider India echoes the point, writing that her low-tipping habits on the show resulted in "many miffed waiters and waitresses."

So, while multiple outlets report that she is indeed a bad tipper, let's hope the multi-millionaire is better now in 2022.