Instagram Is Raining Hearts On Amanda Freitag's Connection To God's Love We Deliver

Many recognize chef Amanda Freitag from her role as a judge on "Chopped," but according to the Food Network, she has also competed on "Iron Chef America" against Bobby Flay as well as contended for the "America's Next Iron Chef" title. Between Freitag working on a new line of spices and owning a bistro in Dallas (via her website), you could certainly say she has a full plate. Though her culinary career is nothing short of inspirational, some found a recent Instagram post of hers especially moving.

Amanda Freitag recently posted a video on Instagram taken at the God's Love We Deliver kitchen in NYC. According to its website, God's Love We Deliver is a non-profit that provides prepared meals to individuals who can't make their own meals due to illness. Decked out in an apron, mask, and ball cap, Freitag explains in her video that the meals prepared at the non-profit are medically tailored for their recipients. As she scoops, mixes, and chops, Freitag gives a shout-out to the thousands of volunteers who keep God's Love We Deliver going, and, then, she even hand-delivers a meal. Her followers gave the chef her own kudos.

Freitag's followers applaud her for helping

When chef Amanda Freitag posted a video on Instagram showcasing her recent volunteer work at God's Love We Deliver in NYC, she received a lot of positive feedback. Instagrammers showered Freitag with compliments like "Couldn't agree more ... thanks for helping those in need," "I love you and your giving!" and "That's so amazing Amanda!!! I just knew you are an amazing person with a giving heart ... Blessings to you and thank you for giving back." When it comes to working with non-profits, there is plenty of inspiration to go around. In her Instagram caption, Freitag wrote about some people who inspire her.

Calling back to her catchphrase "EasyAF" (get it?), Freitag captioned her post "Giving back truly is #EasyAF. I am forever inspired by the heroes at @godslovenyc, and working with them to bring food to those who need it is one of my greatest joys." According to the group's website, Freitag serves as a culinary council member for God's Love We Deliver with a host of other experts in the food and beverage industry, including "Twin Peaks" star and winemaker Kyle MacLachlan. In her Instagram video, Freitag included a link to information for anyone who is interested in volunteering at the non-profit. She finished her caption with a call to action: "Find something you care about and make the world a better place."