Trader Joe's Shoppers Can't Help But Relate To This Common Impulse

Grocery stores have a simple plan that encourages you to buy more than you might actually need. According to Real Simple, stores place flowers by the entrance to draw in customers, use the bakery section to entice shoppers with the sights and smells of fresh baked goods, and place in-store pharmacies at the far end of the store to encourage customers to walk past aisles of goods.

These tactics truly work. Shopify reports that impulse purchases make up somewhere between 40-80% of sales, while about half of all grocery items get swiped up on impulse. It comes as no surprise that shoppers who frequent grocery chains, like Trader Joe's, have a hard time sticking to just the essential purchases. The store has many enticing goodies that sound even better on an empty stomach.

A user over on r/traderjoes recently went down the shopping rabbit hole during a grocery outing and brought home more than they anticipated. Their post, titled, "Today I went to my local Trader Joe's with the sole intention of buying nothing but eggs and milk..." showed off their haul, and fellow Redditors couldn't wait to share their thoughts.

Hot reactions to a Trader Joe's shopping spree

Redditors couldn't look away from a recent Trader Joe's haul and deeply related to the experience of bringing home more than they anticipated during a shopping trip. Some chimed in with, "mission failed successfully," and, "And it looks like you forgot the milk." Another Redditor commiserated, saying, "Same girl, same... $163 later," while another user jumped in with, "Yeah stop lying. No one goes to TJs just to buy eggs & milk."

Others commended the grocery selections, saying, "Well done! BTW- That spicy buffalo cheddar is actually pretty spicy. Shred it over chips. Delicious!!" and, "Those organic blue corn tortilla chips are life though." Some users additionally noted, "I went in there yesterday for butter. I did not just buy butter haha," and, "Ah yes, I made this mistake with bananas once." A handful of Redditors poked fun at the author, saying, "You must've been hungry, best time to shop," and, "What did you use for a cart, a mini Cooper?" 

The impulse shopping doesn't just stop at Trader Joe's, either. Another user replied with, "That's what happens when I go to Target..." Next time you visit the store and walk away with more than you bargained for, remember that you aren't alone in this relatable struggle.