Instagram Appreciates Aaron Sanchez's Women's History Month Post

Celebrity chef and TV personality Aarón Sánchez is doing his bit to celebrate Women's History Month. He recently took to Instagram to praise an elderly cook painstakingly making corundas with the leaves of a corn plant and noted that her unique technique was incredible. He wrote, "Corundas! This is how it's done ... Join me in celebrating all the incredible señoras this Women's History Month. They still have so much knowledge left to bestow upon us!"

Fans were pleased with the chef's latest post and praised him: Someone wrote that they appreciate the fact that Sánchez made it a point to honor something like this and wrote, "How lovely you recognize and celebrate...[these] ladies and traditions...bravo." Meanwhile, former "MasterChef" winner Kelsey Murphy commented on the post and said it was "amazing to see the passion behind food across generations." She also thanked Sánchez for voicing his support for Women's History Month. Additionally, a commentator admitted that the video clip was a walk down memory lane as they wrote about their grandmother making tamales in Cuba and said, "Bless this lady's hand and knowledge."

Aarón Sánchez was inspired by his mom and grandmother

According to an ET Online piece, Aarón Sánchez grew up around two inspiring women: While his mother, Zarela Martinez, worked as a restauranteur in New York and wrote cookbooks, his grandmother, Aida Gabilondo, was a respected cookbook writer from Mexico. Sánchez said, "My mom and grandmother's legacy is pretty impressive," and added that his grandmother opted for a relatively traditional approach while his mom "was very revolutionary when she started out in the mid-'80s."

This had an impact on Sánchez himself who chose a "hybrid" approach at the beginning of his career and started embracing traditions later in his work as a chef. He commented, "It's funny how your style changes as you get older." 

Sánchez doesn't discount how much he's learned from watching his mom and grandmother cook and pursue their passion for the culinary arts. He honored his mom on International Women's Day last year and wrote on Instagram, "Thank you to my Mother and all the amazing women who are trailblazers."