Costco Shoppers Aren't Entirely Sold On This Charcoal Gel Pillow

If you are a fan of using non-chemical cleaning products, then you might already know that activated charcoal has long been praised for its antimicrobial, toxin-absorbing, purifying properties. Some people swear by putting a container of charcoal in the back of their refrigerator to help absorb and neutralize unpleasant odors, similarly to the way others use coffee grounds to deodorize the fridge. Others use it to help keep bacteria-prone items — like towels and dish mats — fresh and clean (via HGTV). It can also be used for personal hygiene tasks, such as deodorant or teeth whitener, per Medical News Today.

Additionally, some people have claimed that adding charcoal to pillows can help make for a better, more restful night's sleep. According to Sleep Baron, the main benefit of sleeping with a charcoal-infused pillow is its cooling properties. The brand claims that activated charcoal is able to dissipate heat, as well as wick away moisture and absorb sweat odors. This could make a charcoal pillow especially comfortable for those who run hot. Recently, Costco has been promoting a sale on Comfort Revolution-brand charcoal gel pillows, and one intrigued shopper was curious to find out if the hype was really warranted before making the purchase. "The charcoal gel pillow is on sale. Has anyone tried it?" u/MasterPh0 asked their fellow shoppers on Reddit.

Some shoppers are skeptical about the benefits of charcoal

Reddit users certainly weren't shy about sharing their opinions on the charcoal pillow. Many of them were quick to offer rave reviews. "My husband and I bought 2 about 3 months ago and absolutely love them! Definitely cooler and more comfortable to sleep on versus the traditional pillows," u/nicolena-howard posted. "Actually have this pillow and is very comfortable as well as nice during the summer as it stays considerably cool," agreed u/pdd6541. Some people added that the pillow was very firm, which was a plus for many side sleepers. "I have one and it's the best pillow I have ever had for sleeping on my back/side," u/Firebird317 wrote. 

However, not everyone was sold on the product, with other commenters expressing their skepticism about the supposed benefits of charcoal. "I don't understand why everything is infused with charcoal? It's benefits are insignificant at best and ingesting it isn't a good idea," one user asked. Another called the addition of charcoal "marketing fluff," while u/jbuzolich joked, "Disgrace. I only use propane pillows." Another jested that it could detox your nightmares. Others didn't necessarily have a problem with the charcoal but did find the pillow to be "very lumpy." So, while opinions about this pillow certainly vary, every person has different needs when it comes to their sleep. Although it might not be for everyone, sweaty side sleepers could be intrigued by some of the potential benefits of using a charcoal gel pillow.