Instagram Can't Wait To Try Costco's Godiva Bake-At-Home Cookies

Making great chocolate chip cookies takes a few tricks to pull off. According to Sally's Baking Addiction, home bakers can avoid common mistakes when baking cookies to step up their next batch, like remembering not to put the dough directly on a warm pan or bake multiple trays of cookies at a time. Meanwhile, BBC Good Food recommends that you gradually beat the eggs into the dough, choose the right kind of chocolate for the job, and, when in doubt, weigh your dough to ensure optimal uniformity in your bake.

While these tactics can result in great cookies, sometimes you just want to relax and enjoy a store-bought dessert when a craving strikes. Instagram user @costco_doesitagain found the solution in a ready-to-bake pack of Godiva chocolate chip cookies filled with ganache. They posted the find alongside a caption reading, "@GODIVA cookie dough has landed at Costco!!!! These bake-at-home chocolate chip cookies ...[are] inspired by the premium chocolatier's ganache-filled chocolates! Bake one at a time or enjoy the whole box with family and friends."

Shoppers are drooling over these cookies

Fans appreciated the Costco fan account's heads-up post and chimed in with, "I hope these are at my Costco," and "Imma need to go find these this week." Other Instagrammers have already found something to love in the treats, such as one who said, "These are the best bake at home cookies ever." Another confirmed that these cookies rank as one of the best, but with one caveat: "Agreed best bake at home cookies ever... but they were far too sweet for me... I ended up cutting out the ganache after they were done and tossed it... but the rest of the cookie was so amazing. Wish they made a version wo the ganache."

The conversation about this Costco freezer find, which contains 32 cookie dough balls per $12.99 box, isn't limited to Instagram. One user shared a gooey interior photo of the baked cookies on Reddit, calling them "amazing." Another said they baked a tray one night at 9 p.m. and had "none left" the following morning. These comments were enough to convince one user to say, "I've heard they're not worth it at all. (Please someone back this lie up so I don't buy them either)."