This Biodynamic Wine Subscription Comes With A Built-In Community Of Oenophiles

Wine clubs have been around since the 1970s, when the Wine of the Month Club first started. Many wineries offer their own wine clubs, and in recent years, online wine subscription services have really grown and now come in all sizes and shapes, according to SevenFifty. Know what kind of wines you like? Some subscriptions services let you pick and choose which wines you want sent to you. Not sure what you like? You can leave it up to experts at other subscription services to curate a selection for you, or if you're feeling more adventurous, you can fill out a questionnaire and let an algorithm pick your wines based on your preferences and tastes. There are also increasingly subscription services that cater for niche tastes and interests, whether it be wines made by celebrities, women-owned wineries, champagne, or natural wines.

What most of these wine clubs and subscription services have in common though is that once you receive your wine, you're pretty much left on your own. In some cases, there might be some detailed printouts and notes for further reading or a follow up questionnaire for the algorithmic selected wines, but that's usually about it. Well, a new wine subscription service, which focuses exclusively on organic and biodynamic wines, is looking to change the whole wine subscription and tasting experience.

VIVANT provides a whole wine experience, including access to wine experts

The brainchild of tech entrepreneur Michael Baum, VIVANT is a "virtual Wine Experience platform" and marketplace to source and learn about organic and biodynamic wines. Most of these wines are from small producers, primarily from France currently, though there are plans to expand regionally, according to Town & Country. Members receive tasting kits and can participate in wine experiences led by different Wine Experts.

According to VIVANT, each tasting kit contains six different organic or biodynamic wines in 100ml tubes, enough for two people to enjoy a tasting. The interactive and guided tasting experiences are available both in live and on-demand formats, and include pre-recorded interviews with winemakers at their vineyards. Participants can ask questions through the chat box and interact with other wine lovers online. Participants can also take part in fun quizzes and other interactive features to earn tasting points and build up their Wine IQ, which they can keep track of on the platform (via Palm & Vine). Wine Advisors are also available to answer questions at any time, even outside of the scheduled wine experiences. For budding oenophiles with a taste for organic and biodynamic wines, VIVANT may be just what they're looking for, both as a resource for hard-to-find sustainably made wines and education, and to join a built-in community of oenophiles.