One McDonald's Location Is Releasing One-Of-A-Kind Disney Toys

McDonald's has dished out Happy Meal toys since the iconic offering came about back in 1979, per Eater. While McDonald's in Canada offered a weekly toy promotion to children prior to the official creation of Happy Meals, McDonald's might have truly captured the imagination of younger diners when it officially introduced the combo of a small burger, fries, drinks, and toy to children in the form of an official children's meal. 

Collectors have a soft spot for McDonald's toys and apparently feel comfortable asking people to dish out serious money in order to claim their favorites. According to Ranker, eBay sellers have tried to offer sets of TY Teenie Beanie Babies for $800. An army of McDonald's Furbys from the '90s might have an asking price of nearly $1,000. And the amount a seller wants for Power Rangers toys from McDonald's could easily exceed $100 for a full collection.

Toy enthusiasts and McDonald's fans alike can now witness a new line of Happy Meal toys. According to Laughing Place, McDonald's China has joined forces with Shanghai Disney Resort to offer up a selection of unique Disney figurines.

A new look for Happy Meals toys

The partnership between Disney and McDonald's in China has the potential to wow anyone who grabs a Happy Meal in the near future. Laughing Place reports that the first run of Happy Meal toys should last until March 29, and feature seven figurines, including "Mickey Mouse on the Mickey's Storybook Express locomotive" and Mickey Mouse riding the Tron Lightcycle Power Run, among other Disney characters riding theme park attractions. The toys celebrate Shanghai Disney's five-year anniversary and the announcement of the new toys comes alongside the news that McDonald's China can now offer birthday parties with Shanghai Disney themes.

According to Attractions Magazine, the new set of toys marks the first such collaboration between both brands. But fans of the two businesses can probably expect more crossovers soon, as both enterprises agreed to a multi-year partnership. This first set of limited-run toys may also run out before the set end date, but those who grab all of them can attach the toys to form a train set.