The Truth About Dustin Rennells From The Julia Child Challenge

Fans of Julia Child will soon get to watch a show that's dedicated to the culinary icon. Per Eating Well, the Food Network's "The Julia Child Challenge" will make its debut on March 14. The show will feature eight home cooks who will participate in several culinary challenges in a bid to win the grand prize: the chance to pursue a course at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France. 

Participants will have to get through two rounds in every episode and will have to cook Julia Child's most beloved dishes as well as present their unique take on the chef's recipes. Of course, all the participants are big fans of the chef and will talk about their memories of Julia Child. Chef and TV personality Antonia Lofaso will appear on the show as a judge, and other well-known figures such as Melissa King, Stephanie Boswell, and Michael Voltaggio will make guest appearances.

One of the ambitious participants is Dustin Rennells, a bakery owner from Chillicothe, Missouri who can be best described as someone who doesn't mind taking on new challenges and testing his limits (via The Food Network).

Dustin Rennells is multitalented

According to the Food Network, Dustin Rennells has been watching Julia Child's shows ever since he was a kid and even got the opportunity to meet her in person. Rennells is passionate about cooking and often plans fancy parties for his close friends — he once cooked a rather elaborate meal for a party and recreated the Titanic's final dinner.

Per his LinkedIn profile, Rennells currently runs a bakery called The Parlor Bakery & Cafe in Missouri and has previously worked in academia. He worked as an academic administrator and was responsible for curriculum management, teacher mentorship, and more. He has also taught English. The multitalented Rennells writes that he enjoys being a freelancer and "blurring the lines between the worlds of event planning, window displays, set and costume design, as well as in-home private catering and private parties." Hopefully, his attention to detail and many talents carry over into the challenges on the show.