The Homemade Costco Shopping List Reddit Can't Get Enough Of

While many people might feel like a kid on Christmas morning upon walking into Costco, it's no secret that the massive warehouses — around 144,500 square feet on average — filled to the brim can sometimes be overwhelming (via Business Insider). Costco is known for packing its vast warehouses full of great deals on bulk products and, of course, the free samples of food they're promoting. However, the best deal at Costco might just be the hot dog and soda combo, clocking in at a mere $1.50. It has stayed exactly the same price since it was introduced in 1985 (via Food and Wine). 

Even though a trip to Costco might be the best thing about the whole week, it can be easy to get distracted if you don't have a list. Nothing is worse than pulling into the driveway, only to be hit with the infuriating realization that you forgot something vital, like coffee — or the thing everyone goes to Costco for, rotisserie chicken.

The list is on a refrigerator magnet

Luckily, a Reddit user came up with an ingenious solution. They made their own custom Costco shopping list that hangs as a magnet on their fridge. The list is a checklist of all the things they might want to shop for at Costco with a laminated exterior for easy dry-erase use. The items are grouped together based on the type of product, like produce, meat, and dairy, ensuring nothing gets missed in any given aisle. It even has an "other" section for writing in any extras that aren't already on the usual list. 

There are other digital versions of premade Costco lists floating around the internet, like the version on Hungry Hobby, but those are printable or sometimes exclusively online. This makes it slightly more difficult to quickly check a box on the fridge when you use the last of the milk. Additionally, as anyone who has been to Costco knows, it's not a regular grocery store. Even pads of grocery list templates like the ones at The Container Store don't encompass some of the specialty items that draw people to Costco. They also don't always have things that only need to be purchased every so often, like Costco brand muffins or olive oil in extra large quantities.