Reddit Can't Believe This Outrageous Costco Gas Line

It seems like gas prices continue to get steeper by the day. According to USA Today, the price of oil set record number on March 8 as "a gallon of regular gasoline" rose to $4.17, beating out the previous record of $4.11 set in 2008. Experts also believe that prices should continue to rise to $4.25 by May and may not dip below $4 until at least November. While California is currently seeing an average gallon of gas at the pump go for over $5, most of the nation probably shouldn't experience prices this high. If you checked your local Costco gas line lately for cheaper gas, you might expect the total opposite.

A user over on r/Costco witnessed pandemonium recently when they tried to fill up their car. From an outside point of view, it looked like people may have been stocking up for a natural disaster. The Redditor posted a photo of a massive traffic jam leading up to the Costco gas station alongside a title reading, "Looks like gas is on sale today..." The picture drew a ton of attention and attracted over 750 upvotes, along with a wealth of comments.

Reddit responds to Costco's gas line

Redditors couldn't believe how many people turned out to get Costco gas. Replies like, "San Diego Costco had line backed up into Mexico," poked fun at the situation, while others replied with takes like, "Holy crap! What state or country is this?" and, "The time stuck in line certainly isn't worth 50 cents saving in gas ... Seriously," illustrated the ridiculousness of the situation. Some commented with, "Even filling up my 20 gal tank, the prospect of paying just $8 to not wait 45 min in line is pretty appealing," and, "Seriously. I filled up and spent an extra $7 than normal. To offset it, I just altered my grocery list. I didn't want to wait in the ridiculous Costco line. Not worth my time for $7."

A few users noted how drivers may have decided to fill up their tanks over hysteria, saying, "While I don't doubt the effect recent gas prices are having on people's finances, this is starting to mirror the hysteria around toilet paper and hand sanitizer when COVID started," and, "Panic pump. But to be honest, gas price goes up daily [by] at least 10 cents increase." The New York Times reports that as the Ukraine war continues, gas prices should continue to break wallets, and it might be some time before shoppers can move slightly faster through Costco's gas line.