Serving The Hamptons: Everything We Know So Far

Reality shows that focus on the food industry are often greeted with enthusiasm by audiences who are almost always up for a little entertainment. The shows often feature delicious food items sprinkled with a bit of conflict, memorable moments, and plenty of drama on the side. Per The Hollywood Reporter, major networks such as Netflix jumped onto the bandwagon with popular shows like "Chef's Table" that resonated with viewers hungry for action.There are also TV shows that focus on food businesses like "Kitchen Nightmares," in which celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay tries to resuscitate struggling eateries by offering his feedback on "the menu, the staff, and the aesthetic" as the owners decide if they wanted to follow the chef's advice and introduce changes to their business.

With audiences always excited for a new entry into the genre, it's no surprise that a new show on discovery+ is set to make its debut soon, according to People. "Serving the Hamptons" will focus on the staff members at a popular restaurant in Southampton, New York while they navigate their interpersonal relationships and prioritize the clients' experience at the establishment. Lots of engaging action is sure to ensue.

When will 'Serving the Hamptons' be released?

As highlighted by People, "Serving the Hamptons" will be launched on discovery+ in early April. There are five hour-long episodes in the show's first season and it will be possible to binge-watch the show when all of them episodes become available for viewing on April 7. According to Variety, the show can be best described as a "docuseries" that focuses on staff members at a popular eatery near Ina Garten's favorite places in the Hamptons and gives viewers a chance to learn more about their lives.

Why the Hamptons?  Lisa Holme, group senior vice president, content and commercial strategy at Discovery Inc., had an answer to this question. She told Variety, "There isn't any place quite like the Hamptons — from its extravagance to its beauty to the wild cast of characters that only exists there." To put it simply, viewers can expect plenty of drama on the show.

Who are the cast members?

According to People, "Serving the Hamptons" will focus on the staff members from the 75 Main restaurant in Southampton, New York as they spend time with each other in a vacation home in Long Island. Of course, they will be expected to follow a list of rules such as no alcohol at work, "no hooking up," and no big bashes. They will also be expected to report to work at the restaurant on time every day. Of course, it isn't difficult to guess that the cast members may run into some issues while living and working together while dealing with the conflicts that will inevitably show up in their lives. The show will feature the restaurant's owner, Zach Erdem, its main manager, Victoria Hilton, servers Hailey Druek and Jack Tavcar, V.I.P. hostesses  Samantha Crichton and Jillian Gough, and bartenders Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jodie Kay-Bisasor. It will also include chef Brogan Wu and DJ Ethan Thompson.

Per Variety, viewers can expect a lot of fireworks on the show. For example, in one episode V.I.P hostess Jillian Gough parties excessively one night and doesn't report to work the following day. In a different episode, Thompson is disappointed after chef Wu doesn't reciprocate his feelings and lashes out by creating havoc, ignoring the house rules, and getting together with somebody else. The snippets of the show sound interesting and may scratch a certain reality TV itch.