This Is The Backup Plan For Poor Service At Hell's Kitchen

Those looking for a show that perfectly blends cooking, drama, and over-the-top yelling might have found their perfect match in "Hell's Kitchen." Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is the host, and the concept is simple: Take mostly-unknown chefs and have them compete for a spot at one of Ramsay's well-established restaurants across the United States (via IMDB). The chefs compete in the form of individual challenges, but they also work together to serve real diners in a real kitchen. They're split up into two teams, and each team is responsible for half the restaurant's customers.

Things aren't always peachy on set and Ramsay has a habit of losing his temper, as seen in YouTube clips of the show. Occasionally, hot-headed contestants get worked up and are distracted from their cooking. But what happens in a situation where things get so heated that contestants are kicked out of the kitchen, leading to poor service in the restaurant? It turns out the show has a secret solution.

What happens when chefs get booted from the kitchen?

Anyone who has watched a few episodes of "Hell's Kitchen" likely knows that when Gordon Ramsay gets frustrated to the point of no return, it usually means the kitchen staff can't complete their shift. There have been countless times when Ramsay has exploded on a team and given them the boot from the restaurant, sending them back to their quarters to think about their poor performance. There have even been times when both teams have been kicked out.

But any restaurant owner knows the show must go on despite challenges. And that's why the show secretly has chefs waiting in the background to take over at any necessary time. According to a Reddit AMA with former contestant Kevin Cottle, the people who appear to be bussers or the cleanup crew are actually chefs in disguise, ready to take over if one or both teams get kicked out. "Have you ever seen when he made us all leave and there were dishwashers in the back cleaning everything?" Cottle asked in response to a user's question. "There is always a back up crew."

We can't say we're surprised — it is a television show, after all, and "Hell's Kitchen" wouldn't be as drama-filled or exciting if Ramsay didn't occasionally kick people out. Luckily for the diners, the meal is completed by the backup chefs.