Instagram Is Freaking Out Over Wolfgang Puck's Dinner With The Obamas

Over his long and illustrious career, Wolfgang Puck has had the honor of cooking for a ton of celebrities. According to Gentleman Journal, Puck has cooked the meals served during the Oscars "every year for the last 24 years," and has dished out dinners to stars like John Travolta and Elizabeth Taylor. The chef has even earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Culinary Schools notes that in addition to defining California cuisine, Puck found even greater success as a chef by expanding his personal brand to television, a food company, and a variety of restaurants.

Considering all this, it seems inevitable that Puck would one day have the honor of cooking dinner for the Obamas. But that hasn't stopped social media from collectively losing its mind. In a recent Instagram post, Puck poses next to Michelle and Barack Obama with the caption, "Thank you for having dinner with us!" Followers couldn't wait to respond to this meeting and immediately jumped in with replies.

A ton of love for this celebrity meetup

Instagrammers loved Wolfgang Puck's photo, and immediately flooded the comments with fire emojis, hearts, and applause emojis. Others chimed in with takes like, "Always in the Best Company Chef!! In Peace and Love Always!!" and, "The best of the best!" 

"Fantastic!!! I bet they honestly said it was one of the best meals they'd ever had," one commenter proclaimed. "You are a gracious host, I hope they had your amazing duck , special moments Wolfgang!" another person raved, clearly familiar with the chef's specialties.

While many loved this meeting of the minds, Wolfgang Puck has actually cooked for the Obamas before. According to Delish, Puck cooked for Barack Obama on at least one occasion back in 2012, for a Hollywood fundraising dinner that helped raise money for the former president's reelection campaign. Only time can tell if Puck cooks for the Obamas again, but with a track record like this, his latest meeting with the former president may not be his last.