Why Fans Were Surprised By The Shape Of Brittany Cartwright's Birthday Cake

Brittany Cartwright is making headlines... again. Despite her jaw-dropping exit from Bravo's reality TV series "Vanderpump Rules," the former reality TV star is just as — if not more — relevant as ever. Cartwright, who originally hails from Kentucky, was known for her southern charm and warm personality on "Pump Rules." The Los Angeles-based reality show, which follows the lives and relationships of the staff at SUR Restaurant and Lounge, is the offspring of Bravo's mega popular series "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," also known as "RHOBH." SUR is owned by former "RHOBH" star Lisa Vanderpump. Hence, the name.

In 2015, Cartwright joined the "Pump Rules" cast after meeting now-husband Jax Taylor (per E! News) in Las Vegas. Bravo fans have felt particularly protected and connected to the couple since they've watched their relationship blossom on the show. So when they announced their departure from the show in December 2020, fans weren't ecstatic over the news. However, in typical Brittany and Jax fashion, they've kept followers on their toes in recent years. And now, they have a son named Cruz. 

Based on their social media presence, life as parents seems to be treating them well. While they're no longer the party couple, they still know how to have a good time as was evident at Cartwright's 33rd birthday bash. However, in an interesting twist, fans were rather confused by her non-traditional birthday cake, claiming that it seemed totally off-brand for Cartwright.

Fans don't think it's a good look for Brittany Cartwright

Heavy reported that Cartwright celebrated her 33rd birthday with friends and family at Tex-Mex restaurant El Tejano in North Hollywood, California. However, Cartwright wasn't the star of the show to everyone. Instead, for many, her cake took center stage because they felt she had failed to select the best birthday cake available.

Designed by Bake Shoppe Boutique, the two-tiered masterpiece was made to resemble real-life Louis Vuitton luggage. The bakery shared a close-up of the cake to Instagram that highlighted both tiers (a round cake on bottom with a square cake on top) decked out with the brand's logo and gold accents. It's beautifully crafted, so what has fans so shaken up? 

According to a Reddit thread, fans were confused by the cake's theme. "LV luggage? That's such a strange choice for a country gal," one Redditer noted. Even more confusing is the congratulatory message written below it. Many Redditors believe it's a nod to her new partnership with Jenny Craig, which opened a whole new can of worms. "Nothing says congrats on working with Jenny Craig than a two tiered cake," someone wrote. Another said, "Luckily, a slice of this cake is only 3,215 Jenny Craig points." Whatever the inspiration behind this cake may be, hopefully it tasted as good as it looked.