One Trader Joe's Gluten-Free Product Is Earning Surprising Reviews From Shoppers

Anyone that has a diet relying on gluten-free products knows the joy that comes when new items are launched that not only taste good but are cost-effective too! As gluten-free diets become more commonplace, many grocers have taken that to heart and have introduced products to cater to those with gluten sensitivities or allergies. Leave it to Trader Joe's to be one of the top places to find such goods. 

The beloved chain recently introduced a new product that social media is simply raving about. Popular Instagram account @traderjoesfoodreviews shared the find — TJ's Gluten-Free Egg Fettuccine Pasta. They posted a picture of it alongside the caption, "I am not gluten-free, but I LOVE this pasta!" For them, they say this pasta is so good because it's thick and chewy and just like traditional kinds. "This pasta tastes like it was made fresh and ready-to-cook. The ingredients are great too! It's made with brown rice flour, water, potato starch, tapioca, egg, salt, along with some ingredients to preserve. You will not regret trying this pasta and my favorite part about it is how homemade it tastes without the effort and clean up to actually make homemade fettuccini pasta." 

They rated the noodles a nine out of ten and gave suggestions to try it with Alfredo sauce or in chicken noodle soup — and followers concurred.

Instagram is in love with these gluten-free noodles

Fans immediately flocked to the Instagram post and flooded the comments section with excited replies. One person said, "I love this pasta! So good!" And another shared, "My son is gluten-free and LOVES these noodles!" Some even offered recipe suggestions, like, "It's amazing in chicken noodle soup!" and "I love this pasta! My go-to is chicken Alfredo." The noodles even earned the seal of approval from one particular picky shopper, who said, "I try to refrain from gluten, this is delicious and my daughter and her friend (gluten-free) love it also. We are Italian, so that's a big deal. My Italian brother-in-law also highly approve. Bravo." 

One person disagreed with the review, but only to go so far as to claim their rating would be higher: "11/10 tbh." This fettuccini has easily won over shoppers — even those who are not gluten-free — and that truly is the sign of a good buy.