The Worst McDonald's Sandwich According To Almost 35% Of People

When a person wants to get a quality sandwich, McDonald's usually isn't the first place on the radar. Yet, it is agreed upon that some of its sandwiches are better than others.

Its Crispy Chicken Sandwich, for example, is said to rival Chick-fil-A's "iconic" version. One Business Insider reviewer said that the sandwiches were nearly identical in taste. People have even tried to make the dish at home, as shown by this recipe on

Other sandwiches are a bit less liked. For example, the McRib has blown up in pop culture, but not for the best reasons. One McDonald's employee, @zaezae1098 on TikTok, posted a video which showed the process of how the sandwich is typically made behind the counter (via The Daily Dot). Many viewers were concerned, to say the least.

As for which McDonald's sandwich is truly the worst, Mashed surveyed 605 people in the United States for their thoughts.

The Filet-O-Fish isn't a hit

The Filet-O-Fish was deemed to be McDonald's worst sandwich, being selected by 34.88% of voters. Though the menu item is a good option for pescatarians, or those who want a different option from a traditional meat patty, there have been controversies against it in the past.

Not too far behind was the infamous McRib, with 31.24% of participants voting that it is the worst sandwich. This menu item does not even contain a real animal rib, and instead is made out of a blend of different meat products, according to MEAWW. This includes heart, tripe, and other assorted parts.

On the tail-end were the McChicken, with 10.74% of votes, the Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich, with 9.42% of votes, and the Spicy Deluxe Crispy Chicken Sandwich, with 8.26% of votes. The Crispy Chicken Sandwich had only 5.45% of votes, which makes sense given its major popularity.