Redditors Think This Behavior Shows So Much Disrespect To Costco Employees

Like many in the customer service industry, Costco employees put up with a lot of customer shenanigans. They have to put back items that shoppers leave out of place around the store, face verbal abuse from unhappy members, and address those who may try to sneak in without a membership card.

While many shoppers take on the impervious attitude of "the customer is always right," we have to ask, is that always the case? According to Refinery29, one Costco employee was actually physically assaulted with a slap across the face by a customer trying to get into the store with a questionable membership card. Other customers berate employees when the item they're looking for is out of stock or when they're trying to shop after closing time — as if the employee has any control over such things (via Business Insider). And what about cart etiquette? Well, customers can be just as awful when it comes to shopping carts.

The customer is not always right

Between Costco's free food samples and the food court, shoppers are bound to generate a bit of trash when they visit the warehouse. Believe it or not, the store actually has a place for that trash — it's called a garbage can.

One frustrated Costco employee took to Reddit to complain about shoppers leaving garbage in the shopping carts. The user posted a photo of a wagon with the top section filled with garbage and wrote "I shouldn't have to clean up your trash." Another employee said, "My issue is the plastic spoons and cups from the free sample stations just thrown on the floor, when we have trash bins right beside the stations!"

Others said that they've found dirty diapers left behind in Costco shopping carts. One recalled, "Once I saw a lady get out of her car and walk her trash to where the shopping carts were and leave it there. She didn't even use the shopping cart, just saw it as a trash bin." Shoppers are frustrated with this behavior as well and one wrote, "Yeah, as a customer it infuriates me when I go to get a cart and it has one of those little wrappers from the free sample carts in it." 

As easy as it is to throw trash in a garbage can, this is one of those instances that we have to say, no, the customer is not always right.