Why Some People Have Been Boycotting Amy's Kitchen

When it comes to managing a plant-based diet, it can be difficult to find good products from sustainable brands. Not all products labeled organic are necessarily healthy, nor does "all natural" necessarily mean what most people think it means.

That being said, when you find a great brand that checks all your nutritional boxes, you're probably going to latch on. Such was the case of Amy's Kitchen. In 1988, Amy's Kitchen started producing ready-made organic meals. By 2001, the small company had added gluten-free products and was no longer using GMO ingredients.

By 2007, Amy's Kitchen was catering to a variety of diets — organic, gluten-free, dairy intolerant, and vegan, to name a few. The country raved about the company's frozen dinners. Eating healthy was finally accessible and affordable.

However, Amy's popularity has taken a turn for the worse since some unsavory news got out about the company's business practices. 

Amy's Kitchen might be a hazardous place to work

Amy's Kitchen fans across the country pulled back when one employee filed an OSHA complaint regarding working conditions. The employee's allegations include "workplace injuries, hazardous conditions, unfair employee treatment, hostility from managers, and faulty machinery" (via Spoon University).

Because the company's products appeal to Gen Z in particular — 71% of Gen Z says they try to eat healthy as much as possible, says Food Navigator – it comes as little surprise that this younger generation would take issue with the allegations. Gen Z is, after all, known for its activism.

According to Vegetarian Times, "veganism is, in its most narrow sense, about not eating animal products, [but] many activists also consider worker justice and fair food practices part of their mission." As such, many Gen Zers are now boycotting the Amy's Kitchen brand until the company's employees have justice.

In response to the allegations, Amy's Kitchen released a statement on its website saying, "We are deeply committed to listening to all of our employees and to turning their feedback into action. That is our personal promise to our employees and to our entire Amy's family." Let's see some action.