Why Wolfgang Puck Uses High Heat When Cooking Steak

Cooking is an art. As chefs gain experience become more familiar with the cooking processes, they might stray from the proper formulas and develop their own techniques to hone their craft. It's part of what makes dishes taste differently when prepared by different people – everyone has their version of a typical recipe.

Cooking a steak can be tricky. Depending on the thickness of the beef, the cooking time varies; plus, not everyone prefers the same desired temperature, so it's important to recognize how to prepare a steak to order. A black and blue steak is made by just quickly searing the outer part of the meat while a well-done steak might sit on the grill for several minutes on each side (via the Michelin Guide).

Ultimately, different chefs cook steak differently, but renowned Austrian chef Wolfgang Puck swears by using extremely high heat when cooking that perfect cut of beef — and he has a good reason.

Wolfgang Puck says high heat gives a good sear

There are various cooking methods for preparing a steak. Some might choose a grill, while others use a cast-iron skillet or metal pan on a stovetop. Another option is to broil the steak, flipping it halfway, which allows the direct flame to give a sear on either side while keeping the center relatively rare.

Wolfgang Puck has his own approach, too. The famous chef revealed in a TikTok that he starts out cooking his steak on high heat because it helps the sear. When asked, "How high do you put the heat for steak?" Puck had a simple answer: "As high as possible," he said. "I want to sear the steak so it gets a good crust, and then finish it slow."

Puck didn't go into detail about how he finishes the steak slowly, but common methods include finishing it off in the oven or lowering the heat if you're cooking the steak on a stovetop.