Reddit Is So Excited To Try Aldi's Smoked Salmon Poke Bowl

Years ago, poke bowls took the United States by storm. According to People, this delicacy gets its name from the Hawaiian word for "to slice" and chefs refer to it as the "next generation of sushi." The dish consists of marinated, raw cuts of fish, vegetables, and sauces served over a bowl of rice, but everyone can customize these bowls to their liking. Some folks like to sub out fish for tofu, while others mix in garlic, seaweed, and avocado.

Aldi jumped in at just the right moment, and launched their own take on this trendy food. A Redditor noticed the find during one of their shopping trips and posted the score online with the title, "The time has come. Poke bowls have been harvested." The post has since received a ton of attention and fellow users can't wait to see how this poke bowl stacks up against similar restaurant offerings.

Hype over Aldi's poke bowls

Reddit has lost it over how tempting these poke bowls look. Users over on r/Aldi chimed in with, "I tried these a couple years ago and LOVED them. Haven't seen them since," and, "I bought a few today. I'm waiting for my avocados to ripen so l can add chunks of avo to it!"

One person questioned why the bowl used smoked salmon, while another defended the ingredient, saying, "the flavor combination works so well for my tastebuds. The smoked salmon isn't dry, think chunks of lox. So it has the raw texture with smoky flavor."

Another lucky Aldi shopper even got the chance to try the meal, commenting with, "Soo good i ate one of these today but i did cook the salmon in the air fryer for 10 mins instead of leaving it as is. Was soo good!!! Worth it."

The jury's out on how these products stack up against the original poke bowls from Hawaii, and unfortunately, one user pointed out that these bowls may only be available at Aldi once a year. But that hasn't stopped Reddit from drooling over the looks of this Aldi find.