Einstein Bros Is Celebrating St. Patrick's Day With This Fun Offering

It's that time of year again when people dress in green from head to toe. Seemingly half the foods at the grocery store are green, or have green sprinkles, or green shamrocks. Many restaurant menus include foods that are green or have "shamrock" in the name. And can McDonald's customers even celebrate St. Patrick's Day without treating themselves to at least one Shamrock Shake?

Although it may seem unlikely any green food will reach the level of fame the Shamrock Shake has, other restaurant chains are still trying. Applebee's is mixing things up — pun unintended — with $5 cocktails inspired by St. Patrick's Day. Dairy Queen's blizzard of the month is mint brownie, which is very green indeed (via Dairy Queen).

In previous years, Einstein Bros celebrated the holiday by offering green bagels — regular bagels with green food coloring — reports Brand Eating. But the bagel chain is trying out something a little different this year. 

Einstein Bros' seasonal spread has 'leprechaun magic'

Einstein Bros has a seasonal new product this year for those looking for a fun St. Patrick's Day breakfast. The bagel chain is offering Shamrock Shmear, which, according to Chew Boom, is simply "the brand's plain cream cheese with a special green coloring." The Einstein Bros website describes the spread as having "leprechaun magic mixed in." Guess that's what they're calling green food dye these days.

Customers can add the Shamrock Shmear to any bagel, so the possibilities are many. You could even add it to an already-green food such as a jalapeno bacon bagel or a green chile bagel if you just can't get enough green this year.

Whatever bagel you choose, it's worth noting that the green shmear is only available on St. Patrick's Day and only with in-store orders (via Bake Magazine). This means you can't order the Shamrock Shmear ahead. Nevertheless, the Shamrock Shmear promises to make your St. Patrick's Day a little greener. 

Must be that leprechaun magic.