Country Music Superstar Thomas Rhett Picks His Favorite Ways To Eat Fritos - Exclusive

Making a TV commercial about Fritos was like coming home for country music legend Thomas Rhett. The Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter, who most recently performed at the 2022 American Country Music Awards ceremony in Las Vegas, and has a sixth album coming out in April, said he has been munching on the slightly-sweet, curl-shaped corn chips for as long as he can remember.

In fact, as Rhett explained to Mashed in an exclusive interview, he can't remember a time when he didn't have a Frito in his hand. "I can see myself at five years old eating a Frito pie that my grandmother made or crumbling up Fritos and putting it on top of chili or whatever that may be," he recalled. Rhett added that his feelings about the 90-year-old snack brand are about more than enjoying the taste. "I'm also a pretty nostalgic songwriter, too. It's amazing to me, when I watch a movie, I can be taken back in time in the same way that I could eat an original Fritos chip and be taken back to my grandparents' kitchen," he said, adding that making the commercial for Fritos "felt authentic." 

Ripping open the crinkly bags sends Rhett into a memory-filled reverie. What's Rhett's time-tested favorite way to enjoy his Fritos?

Thomas Rhett has many 'favorite' ways to eat Fritos

Rhett has so much enthusiasm for Fritos that he struggled to pick just one preferred way to eat this snack. "I still, because of my grandparents, I love to crumble up the original," he said, "and put them on top of chili." Rhett couldn't really commit to Fritos crumbled on chili as the best way to enjoy these curly chips, because in this case, they're more of a garnish. As for Fritos as the main event, "I love the Fritos Scoops as well, with salsa," Rhett said. Ah, so it's the Fritos Scoops for the win? 

Not quite. Rhett added, "If I had a go-to, it'd be the honey barbecue twists. Anytime I'm traveling for a long period of time, that is a gas station essential, or a grocery store essential. Those would be my favorite ways to eat them, for sure." 

Whether he's enjoying the originals crumbled, the Scoops with salsa, or the spicier Fritos options while on the road, Rhett feels pretty confident that he's the right person to be starring in the first Fritos TV commercial filmed in 20 years. "Fritos, to me, is a timeless classic brand that will be here [until] the end of time. They had been going [at it] for so long, almost 90 years. To get to do this with them was really an honor on my part," he said. "I'm still kicking myself that I got to do it!"

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