Reddit Is Psyched About An Instant Ramen Find At Costco

When you need a quick bite, few things hit the spot like a package of instant ramen. But all these noodle packets are far from the same, and some provide a better bang for your buck. According to a panel of experts assembled by Wirecutter, preferred brands are NongShim Shin Black Noodle Soup, Prima Taste Singapore Laksa La Mian, and NongShim Chapagetti & Neoguri over standard cups of instant noodles. Moreover, anyone interested in chowing down on the better instant ramen brands will most likely need to dole out a few extra bucks.

Reddit has recently spotted a new pack of instant ramen at Costco that might just have what it takes to join the ranks of the more premium noodles out there. Over on r/Costco, one user created a thread titled, "Instant ramen is pretty good for $14 for a pack of 6. I might go buy another box." They also linked to a picture of a box of frozen shoyu ramen that contains up to six servings per pack. The thread immediately attracted a ton of attention, and fellow Costco fans swarmed the post.

Lots of love for frozen ramen

Redditors who have managed to try the new ramen have liked what they've tasted, with many noting how fancy the product is, especially when stacked up against dried instant ramen. Replies include gems like, "I bought a box of these for work lunches and I was really impressed. Just pour some water in the bowl, microwave for about 4 minutes and you have a really good ramen soup," and, "This is a totally legit product that I highly recommend, nothing like the cheap dried noodle cake you probably think of when you hear 'ramen.'"

The packaged noodles come with pieces of chicken that fans also approve of. One poultry fiend remarked, "The chicken is actually really good. Always suspect with reheating chicken, and they did a great job here." Another user went all out and said, "These are some good noodle bowls. Ate them so much I got burnt out but good value and flavor for the cost."

The only fault anyone has found with the product lies in the sodium content, but another defended the salt count, saying "This is not really far off from those pantry ramen noodles that do not need to be frozen. For being the same sodium content but looking much higher quality, it really is not that bad." Either way, Reddit can't get enough of this ramen find and it looks like Costco may have touched just the right nerve with this product.