Redditors Are Guessing At What The Next Big Food Trend Will Be

Over the course of 2021, some prominent food trends reared their heads. According to Cozymeal, diners loved digging into plant jerky, exploring new herbs and mushrooms, enjoying extravagantly plated desserts, and exploring the edges of fusion cuisine. Some have already started predicting what food movements have the potential to define this year. Ricardo speculates that in 2022, homemade pasta should take off, urban farming could become more prominent, and you might see some vegan fish hit shelves and menus.

The guessing game has made its way over to Reddit, and one user over on r/Cooking recently created a thread posing the question, "What do people think will be the next big food trend?" They clarified this by saying, "Always intrigues me. We've had vile foams, we've had endless bacon, truffle has inexplicably returned to haunt us all. What's next?" Fellow Redditors couldn't wait to jump into the discussion with a number of ideas about what lies on the culinary horizon.

A new year for food

Redditors swarmed in to ponder what trends might take the cooking world by storm in 2022. One replied, "Making do with what one has on hand," and went on to explain that frugal cooking and using what you have in your kitchen might define the year. Another jumped in with a massive list, including, "Sourdough-based desserts, plant-based cheeses and sauces, maple sweetened coffee, 'cottage core' foods," before running through '80s and '90s food trends primed for return, like, "Waldorf salad, chicken salad, egg salad, sandwich ingredients like cream cheese/pesto/sun-dried tomatoes/focaccia, white chocolate, baked brie."

One cautious Redditor noted, "I feel like more people are leaning towards meatless proteins due to the shortages/rising costs." Meanwhile, a different radical thinker chimed in advocating for "Hand torn bell peppers and oversized vegetables," causing another user to reply, "Who needs a knife when you're Edward Scissorhands!" Meanwhile, another equally fun-loving, experimental, and enthusiastic commenter offered their take, writing, "We've had the ramen burger and the sushirito, why not Peking pizza?" Someone else offered the opposite viewpoint, saying, "We are going full circle and going back to classic no-nonsense, family-style eateries with communal tables sharing simple tasty food." Whatever this year's food trends may be, you can be sure that the users of Reddit have some keen ideas and opinions about where things are headed.