Instagram Is Loving Valerie Bertinelli's Birthday Shoutout To Her Son

It's no secret that actor and Food Network host Valerie Bertinelli loves her son. The cooking star celebrated musician Wolfgang Van Halen's 30th birthday last year with a heartfelt Instagram post consisting of a ton of special pictures, per Today. Bertinelli dug through tons of old family photos of her son alongside his famous father, Eddie Van Halen, and captioned the series with, "I know your father agrees that the happiest day of our lives was the day you were born. I love you to the moon and back, sweet boy." Van Halen took note of his mother's post and replied, "Love you to the moon and back, Ma!!!!"

While Bertinelli's son received a lengthy tribute a year ago, Van Halen's 31st birthday feels a bit different. In an Instagram post this week, Bertinelli posted more photos of her son over the course of his life and simply wrote, "My heart. Seriously love this little s*** so much. Happy Birthday sweet boy."

Fans respond to Van Halen's birthday wishes

Fellow Instagrammers loved Bertinelli's birthday post dedicated to her son and couldn't wait to share their thoughts. Some responded with observations that he resembles his parents: "He's such a beautiful combination of you and Eddie," one user said, while another wrote, "He looks like you Val!!" Others took the opportunity to compliment the whole star-studded family. "He is incredible and so damn talented...Just like his Mom & Dad," wrote one fan. A concertgoer chimed in, "Happy Birthday. Very talented young man! Saw him in Cleveland and can't wait to see him again!!" After touring with his father's band for several years, Van Halen is now pursuing his own project, Mammoth WVH, per his website.

While Bertinelli's 2022 post was more short and sweet than last year's, Van Halen's comment remained pretty much the same: "Love you, Ma," he wrote, alongside a heart emoji. If this post didn't already prove that Bertinelli is a big fan of her only son, her Instagram handle is @wolfiesmom.