A Massive Meat Haul Has Shoppers Praising Costco

Costco is known for its no-frills warehouse and discounts on bulk-sized items. The lack of flashy displays means the depot store doesn't spend extra on marketing and advertising in the stores, and those savings are passed on to the customers. Since Costco operates on a membership system, the yearly dues help keep costs down as well. One thing many shoppers flock to Costco for is their meat section. On the Costco website, the beef selection shows a myriad of different cuts with many multi-packs, and as Rather-Be-Shopping.com reports, these portioned bags are sold at a "steep discount" and make it super easy to freeze the meat.

Recently, a Costco fan took to Reddit to show off their meat haul. The Redditor posted a picture of a Costco shopping cart full nearly to the brim with various types of red meat with the caption, "Started shopping at Costco 6 months ago for their meat. Haven't looked back!" In the picture, ground beef, ground bison, plus a few different steaks and cuts of beef are visible.

Reddit commenters love Costco's price and quality of meat

Costco fans in the comments were praising the Reddit haul with one commenter writing, "I just did this. We ended up paying $4.50 per pound. Imagine — ribeye for the same price as ground beef!" This makes sense since Costco is known for its warehouse prices without the traditional markups. CNBC reports that Joanie Demer, co-founder of the Krazy Coupon Lady, says, "Costco prices average 10% less than the local big-box retailer." This seems to hold true for the meat section at Costco as well. Another commenter on the Reddit post, who claimed to work as a meat cutter at an "upscale grocery store," said that the Costco variety of rib eye is actually $10 less than at their store.

Many commenters were praising the value of the meat, focusing on the high quality for Costco's really low prices. One user even said they were "amazed at how good the quality was and how inexpensive compared to grocery stores!" Others were astounded at the sheer volume of meat the original poster was buying, and many asked how they planned to store and keep the meat fresh. The original poster replied throughout the thread that they usually vacuum seal the meat to portion it out and prevent freezer burn.