Why A Torn DoorDash Chick-Fil-A Bag Probably Shouldn't Worry You

The idea of ordering food at home is not an outlandish concept anymore. According to McKinsey and Company, the food delivery market "more than doubled" during the pandemic and customers now have access to several "user-friendly apps" that make it a lot easier to order food from the comfort of their homes. In fact, one Reddit user expressed their appreciation for delivery services last year and wrote that they weren't a fan of the concept but changed their mind after being diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis. They realized that it's impossible to cook on the bad days when it's exhausting to prepare a meal from scratch and food delivery services can be incredibly useful on such occasions. They added, "Shoutout to all the disabled people who have it worse than me when it comes to self-sufficiency as well as our delivery drivers — always tip at least 18%!"

One of the most popular names in the food delivery space is DoorDash. According to Quartz, DoorDash received 369 million orders in the last three months of 2021 and the number of monthly active users increased by 22% to 22 million in just one year. While the app is undoubtedly useful, certain customers are concerned about their orders. For example, a Redditor recently received a messy Chick-fil-A order that left them worried. Their concern? One of the bags was slightly torn and ruffled while the other one looked "neat and clean." They asked, "Did the door dash driver go through my stuff?"

Ripped Chick-fil-A bags are not always cause for concern

According to several Reddit users, it's possible that a DoorDash Chick-fil-A delivery bag may get slightly damaged in transit (or at a Chick-fil-A outlet) and it's usually not the driver's fault. As someone explained, "The bags can start to tear easily especially after the steam from the food makes the bag weak. I would barely touch the bag and it would rip some. I've never touched a customer's food or drink. That's gross and I personally consider it stealing since it's not my food."

A different commentator mentioned that they work at Chick-fil-A as a manager and are pretty sure that the Redditor's order wasn't tampered with. They wrote, "Those stickers we use are, as far as I'm concerned, impossible to take off in one piece...trying to get that off the bag and then reattach it would leave it looking way worse than that." They added that it's more likely that the Chick-fil-A staff member who packed the food order was careless with the tape. This theory was confirmed by another commentator, who said that the stickers are tricky to work with and it's likely that an overworked Chick-fil-A worker didn't get the opportunity to pack everything neatly into the bag.