Instagram Is Jealous Of Cat Cora's Customized Nutella Jar

When it comes to comfort snacks, perhaps the only thing better than Nutella is having a jar of the chocolatey hazelnut spread all to yourself. When chef Cat Cora showed off a customized jar of the widely popular spread, fans were more than envious.

Shared Cora on Instagram, "Ok this is amazing, look what my sweet friends at Nutella sent me! I can't wait use this to make my Nutella Banana Bread." The picture shows a traditional jar of Nutella with a custom alteration. At the top of the jar where the brand usually lists its name, the word Cat showed prominent placement in the signature two-tone look and brand font. Essentially, Cora has her own custom jar. Comments followed, sharing the expected "wow," "want", and "jealous" lineup of envious praise.

One fan appreciated the clarification, however, adding the joke, "Thank god!I thought it was a horrible new flavor!!"

What really had fans thrilled on both Twitter and Insta where the post was shared, however, was the concept of chocolate hazelnut banana bread. As one Twitter user says, "Recipe please?! That sounds amazing!!!"

Cat's custom hazelnut spread

Fans can make their own version of Cat Cora's Nutella banana bread at home. Ingredients include flour, baking powder, baking soda, sugar, salt, butter, eggs, and of course, bananas. In addition, Cora customizes the recipe with Greek yogurt, vanilla extract, and the signature Nutella spread. Bake for 15 minutes and enjoy.

Those who would like the joy of Nutella swirled banana bread without the effort need not be disappointed, however. The signature baked good is also available on Goldbelly. Selling at the online treats distributor for $45 per 2-pack, Cora comments on her quest to perfect this recipe. Says the chef, "I spent my quarantine perfecting this Nutella Banana Bread for you, so leave all the kitchen mess to me! I love bananas and I really love Nutella. The hazelnut flavor and creaminess of a nut butter, with chocolate no less, combined with bananas is heavenly. There is something for everyone in this yummy bread and the swirls are a lot of fun too." 

As for grabbing your own personalized Nutella jar, you can get one too. The Pioneer Woman's blog details a number of ways to obtain your own, from purchasing a custom chocolate spread to DIY-ing your own label. 

So what are you waiting for? Get your own chocolatey goodness and get snacking today!