Giada DeLaurentiis' 'Skinny' Chicken Parmesan Recipe Is Turning Heads

Americans love chicken parmesan. According to Paesana, the original chicken parmesan stems from a dish called melanzane alla Parmigiana, also known as eggplant parmesan. When Italians moved to America, they discovered that cuts of chicken had a much lower price tag than in the Old World, and many proteins entered the canon of Italian-American cuisine as a result. One of these transformations occurred with eggplant parmesan, and chefs switched out the vegetable for cuts of chicken. The new take on the dish took off, and had entered cookbooks and standard menus by the 1950's.

While this dish tastes delicious, some have taken note of its nutritional content. Olive Garden has a take on the dish for dinner that contains 1,060 calories, 52 grams of fat, and 2,980 milligrams of sodium. Meanwhile, The Cheesecake Factory serves this meal up in a sandwich form, and it contains 1,960 calories, 126 grams of fat, and 3,510 milligrams of sodium. Giada DeLaurentiis has certainly taken note of these nutritional contents when she developed her own "skinny" take on the dish that has attracted the attention of social media.

TikTok loves Giada de Laurentiis' new chicken parmesan recipe

Giada DeLaurentiis posted her chicken parmesan recipe on TikTok, and fans can't get enough of the video. In the post, DeLaurentiis whips up a marinade that she coats her chicken in before it hits a hot pan. She then tops the fried chicken with some marinara sauce and cheese before placing it under the broiler. The recipe eschews any kind of deep frying or added bread crumbs, and folks can't get enough of the take on the dish.

Users jumped in with replies like, "Omg Giada I love the towel lol instead of an apron so cute and looks delicious. I love how you say parmigiano," and, "Now I'm hungry." Others commented with takes like, "Omg I love you and your food ideas!!!! Number one fan!!!!," and, "This actually looks really good!!"

The recipe inspired some to start cooking, like one user who said, "I wanna make this! And I want that salt!" Another TikToker also noted, "Yum! She also turned me onto 2 amazing foods: the restaurant that serves your favorite lasagna verde and Tom Douglas's crab cakes." One user summed up the whole mood of the post, replying with, "I just got so happy seeing you omg I used to watch your show allll the time when I was little." 

Few can deny that DeLaurentiis found the ideal take on a skinny chicken parmesan that struck all the right chords with her followers.