Survey Reveals More Than 50% Of Americans Prefer This Kind Of Milk

You shouldn't cry over spilled milk. People may be more tempted to cry over certain types of milk though. At least, that is what the results of a survey conducted by YouGov in February suggest.

Out of the thousand Americans asked, a solid majority preferred whole milk over skim milk. Specifically, the preference weighted towards whole milk with 53% while skim milk only enjoyed 22%. The rest of those surveyed either had no preference or had a non-applicable answer, e.g. perhaps they prefer neither because they have lactose intolerance.

The same dynamic played out across most genders, ages, and races. Only respondents over 65, Hispanic, "Other," Democrats, and people from households making more than $100K per year reported a preference towards whole milk below 50%. In each case, however, their preference towards whole milk still cleared 40%. 

While not beloved by the whole country, whole milk is a wholesome staple for American milk choices. 

People are pushing for the return of whole milk to American schools

The most outspoken champions of whole milk are those trying to return it to school lunches. As AG Daily wrote in February, the Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act which passed in 2010 required all the milk served in school cafeterias to be either fat-free flavored milk, fat-free white, or 1% milk. So, the opposite of the most popular whole milk.

However, one side effect of this emphasis on fat-free milk was that far fewer people drank it. In fact, 45 million gallons are wasted in schools every year. So, 97milk was formed as an organization to return whole milk to the school lunchroom.

The argument is one described by Thrillist in their ode to the magnificence that is whole milk. The fat and calories of whole milk could leave people satisfied in a way that less fatty and caloric milks don't. This leads to evidence that shows that people who drink skim milk gain more fat than those who drink whole milk because they turn to less healthy snacks. Secondly, the fats of milk are also packed with vitamins that disappear with the reduction of fat. No wonder whole milk has such a following, then.