Amazon Fresh Just Jumped On The Plant-Based Bandwagon

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So, it turns out you really can order just about anything on Amazon. Adding to the mega-corps' growing list of private label options — vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians can now select from the house "Fresh" brand for their plant-based food needs (per Food Dive). It's worth noting, however, that plant-based and vegan can be different. This food line launch includes the introduction of 15 new products in addition to adding to its growing Fresh brand lineup.

Meatballs and nuggets join a list of burgers and patties in this new collection. As shared with Veg News, an Amazon spokesperson describes, "With Fresh Plant-Based, we offer customers a selection of affordable favorites that are free from animal products and full of flavor. Fresh Plant-Based has the essentials customers need to create a healthier meal that will satisfy the whole family and won't break the bank." The Amazon representative adds, "At Amazon, we obsess over quality products and great selection and strive to respond to customer's needs by giving them choices that fit any lifestyle." 

Veg News also shares that the plant-based product line was first introduced in November online and will be in 25 different Amazon Fresh physical stores this March. Although Fresh is not available everywhere just yet, for the areas it is, Amazon is offering a 20% discount on the plant-based products throughout March in celebration of the launch. In addition, the line is eligible for SNAP-based food benefits.

But more importantly, how does the food taste?

The Amazon Fresh plant-based line has mixed reviews

Thanks to the tiered rollout, we can browse some customer reviews to see if these meatless products truly "live up to the hype."

A taster of the Plant-based Meatballs says that Amazon Fresh "nailed" the texture adding, "These have a great meaty texture and smell wonderful while baking. I recommend baking them a few minutes longer than the recommended time, this gave them a nice meat-like "chew". The flavor wasn't as savory as I was hoping for (at least when eaten alone by themselves), but I think if you eat them with a sauce instead of by themselves that helps."

While overall reviews of the Plant-based Patties also had a 4-star rating, when people didn't like the product — they really didn't like it. Says one reviewer, "Was not expecting anything close to Impossible Burger but the taste and texture were really off." Another disappointed customer adds, "Causes Acid reflux and burp smells like coconut oil." 

The most positively rated item appears to be the Plant-Based Chick'n Patties with 294 reviews and an average 4.5 stars. As one reviewer says, "Definitely yummy as the more expensive brands!"

As more brands expand into the plant-based food market, it will be interesting to see who comes out "on top." With a strong product rollout in this market, if Amazon Fresh can keep stock, perhaps they will do well.