This Simple TikTok Hack Will Change The Way You Measure Honey

The struggle is real for those of us who cook and bake with sticky liquids like syrups, molasses, or honey. When measuring out ingredients, we often have to deal with having some — or most — of the ingredient clinging stubbornly to a measuring cup or spoon. This results in a sticky situation for our fingers, utensils, and countertops.

That's not to say there aren't any kitchen hacks out there that help us measure out the ingredient and pour it into the mixing bowl with a minimum amount of fuss. One trick involves coating the inside of a measuring cup or spoon with oil, pouring off the extra into another container, and then using the oiled cup or spoon to measure out your sticky liquid. If you're not keen on having extra oil in your recipe, this hack via YouTube also suggests you can rinse the measuring cup or spoon with hot water before adding your ingredient.

There's also another way to keep the mess at bay, and TikTok is loving it.

Use a coating of flour to measure sticky substances

TikTok user @bothegoattv took to the platform to post this genius hack for measuring out honey and other sticky syrups without the need for oil, plastic wrap, or even any washing up afterward. In the brief video, someone is seen pressing the back of a measuring spoon into what appears to be a mound of flour, leaving an indentation, and then pouring honey into the cavity. With the video came a caption that read, "I WAS TODAY TEARS OLD. All my bakers, ELITE baking hack," (but we are assuming he meant "years old").

We imagine the hack would work like a charm with similar ingredients which aren't easily absorbed by the flour, like syrups or molasses. It might even work its magic with other finely ground solids that might need to be measured out like salt, baking powder, or baking soda. Where the hack would definitely fail would be when you're working with liquids like vanilla flavoring, which can be easily absorbed by the flour. 

While the TikTok community appears to love this hack, with two million likes and comments including "Tiktok University done did it again," we can't help but imagine the gluten-free viewers just shaking their heads.