Robert Irvine's Workout Video Has Instagram Cracking Up

When you think of Robert Irvine, workout videos probably don't immediately spring to mind. Granted, you might picture him working out or making videos, just not at the same time. According to Food Network, the personality has hosted "Restaurant: Impossible," runs several restaurants across America, owns a few fitness food brands, and even helps give back to service people through his charity, the Robert Irvine Foundation. While the restaurateur loves food, he also pours himself into exercising.

In 2012, The New York Times spoke with Irvine about his fitness plan, which at the time involved focusing on one section of his body each day. "I do light weights and lots of repetitions," he said. The chef also counted himself as a cardio guy who ran or used the elliptical daily. Irvine recently took to Instagram to show folks how it's done at the gym, and fans couldn't get enough. The video, captioned, "What's it like working out with Chef Irvine," featured Irvine effortlessly working his triceps on a cable machine. It then cut to someone else attempting the same workout with seemingly less ease and more speed before a disapproving Irvine stepped in to stop him. Viewers jumped in to show their love and amusement in the comments.

Robert Irvine knows how to make mussels and muscles

The tears of crying-laughing emojis flooded the Instagram post. Fans replied with, "Would not mind running into Chef Irvine at the gym," and, "Looks like Brian needs a spotter to keep him in line." Words of encouragement also flowed, including, "Teamwork makes the dream work," and, "Keep it up! Your doing great!" One user voiced that thought that might have been on everyone's mind: "I wish Robert Irvine should do a few Fitness: Impossible specials."

Apparently seeing an issue with having Irvine randomly interrupt a workout, one Instagrammer wrote, "So like he'll unplug your treadmill mid run? Cool?" Even so, people seemed to wish they could have him as a gym buddy or even someone to compete against. One commenter said, "That would be a contest I would enter!!" If the TV personality ever decides to pivot from food to exercise, he could feel confident knowing that many fans might follow him from the kitchen to the gym.