Little Debbie Just Dropped A New Treat Inspired By Its Zebra Cakes

Most of us spent a good chunk of our childhood begging our parents to buy us Cosmic Brownies, Zebra Cakes, Twinkies — all those cake-y snacks that may not have been the healthiest, but that tasted so darn good. When we eventually did get our hands on a Little Debbie's Zebra Cakes, it was like Christmas had come early. Sure, a single serving (two cakes) packed 320 calories and took about 38 minutes of jogging to burn off, but it was so worth it (via Giant). Two layers of fluffy yellow cake, a layer of creme in the middle, all coated in icing and fudge stripes... Yum.

Over the years, Little Debbie introduced similar products, like Zebra Cake Rolls. These rolled treats were essentially the love child of Zebra Cakes and Swiss Rolls –- and boy, were they tasty. 

Now, here we are in 2022, as adults with our own money to spend on Zebra Cakes, and there's a new Zebra treat on grocery store shelves. 

Zebra Cakes in mini donut form? Yes, please

For Zebra Cake fans, Little Debbie is introducing a treat that sort of qualifies as breakfast: Zebra Cake mini donuts. Like other donuts made by Little Debbie, these new minis come in resealable bags (via Food Business News) and a single bag costs $2.19.

This all prompts the question of "Are they as good as the original Zebra Cake?" Fear not, Zebra Cake lovers. According to a report from Delish, the donuts are quite similar to the original with yellow cake covered in vanilla frosting topped with stripes of fudge. In fact, the only thing missing from the original creation is the filling.

The Zebra mini donuts have yet to reach the Little Debbie website, but in the meantime, you can always pick up a bag of fudge donuts, strawberry shortcake donuts, or cinnamon sugar donuts. Convenience Store Products hinted that the donuts might just hit shelves across the nation this week.