Blaze Pizza Just Dropped A New Offering For Garlic Enthusiasts

Whether you order from your local slice shop or one of many national pizza chains, opting for thin crust or deep dish, everyone has their pizza preferences. While some prefer plain cheese, others love a slice that's loaded with as many toppings as possible. YouGov data says pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping among Americans, though most restaurants offer a slew of add-on options to please any palate. Those who aren't concerned about how their breath smells, for example, might even opt for fresh garlic. For these people, Blaze Pizza is taking the typical garlic topping one step further.

Blaze first introduced an option for garlic lovers about a year ago with its pesto garlic cheesy bread. After its launch, some fans took to Reddit to say that they weren't crazy about the new menu option. This month, the chain announced a new item to cater to fans of the aromatic allium: a pizza that makes garlic the center of attention.

Blaze Pizza just introduced Garlic Lover Pizza

It's clear who Blaze's new pie is intended for. Called the Garlic Lover Pizza, according to the chain's Facebook page, the pizza tackles garlic from three different angles: Garlic pesto is the sauce of choice, and then the pie is topped with both roasted garlic and fresh minced garlic. The pizza also features grilled chicken, fresh cherry tomatoes, and arugula, plus one final pesto drizzle to seal the deal, per the website. Depending on your feelings about garlic, you may or may not agree with the Facebook user who called the pizza "first date fare."

Those looking to enjoy this pizza might like to know that one large slice comes in at around 230 calories and 8 grams of fat. Garlic has plenty of health benefits on its own; it's loaded with antioxidants and can even help lower cholesterol. And pesto, which is commonly made with basil and nuts, offers healthy fats and antioxidants, too. "Glad I'm not a vampire," one Instagram user said after reading about the new menu item.