The Sweet Present Martha Stewart's Granddaughter Just Sent Kris Jenner

Some celebrity friendships might seem to the public like a bond between two characters from disparate fictional worlds who are thrown into the same movie (like when the King and Grand Duke from "Cinderella" show up at Ariel's wedding in "The Little Mermaid"). One might look at the friendship between Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg as one of these oddly delightful anomalies, but the West Coast rapper isn't Stewart's only comrade from beyond the food world. According to People, she counts pop star Justin Bieber, SNL's Pete Davidson, and "The Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon among those in her inner circle. And as revealed on Instagram this month by Khloé Kardashian, Stewart is also buds with Kris Jenner. 

Like any loyal friend, Jenner has made a point of getting on the good side of Stewart's family, too. After Jenner sent Stewart's granddaughter, Jude, a birthday box of Kylie Jenner's popular Kylie Cosmetics, Stewart reposted a photo of Jenner on Instagram showing the sweet gift that Jude and her mom made for the matriarch of the Kardashian empire as a thank you. 

Alexis and Jude Stewart gave Jenner a handmade pearl necklace

Per the photo shared by Martha Stewart on Instagram (which shows a screenshot from the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star's Instagram story), Jenner looks quite taken with her new gift from Stewart's daughter and granddaughter: a handmade necklace with large, glamorous pearls. "Kris Jenner sent Jude Stewart a big basket of @kyliecosmetics for her birthday!" the post explains. "As a thank-you Alexis and Jude crafted a beautiful pearl necklace for Kris!! That's the way to go!!!!!!" Jenner commented, "Love you!!!"

Fans of the famous duo chimed in with comments about their friendship. "I can see you two being friends. The good ol' Leo-Scorpio pairing," wrote one user. Another said, "Martha, you and Kris are the best businesswomen on God's green earth. I love you both!" Other comments were less kind. The apple clearly doesn't fall far from the tree for Stewart's daughter and granddaughter, who seem to have inherited their celebrity relative's knack for crafting.