Gail Simmons Is Giving Instagram Bagel Envy

Diners have a ton to love about bagels. According to New Yorker Bagels, folks flock to these round baked goods thanks to the fact that you can eat them any time of day, the texture compares to no other food, they make the perfect breakfast, and nowadays, the baked good comes in theĀ best and worst bagel flavors. These items originally came about in South Germany, and some of the first bagel sellers peddled the baked goods in bakers or hung on long sticks, per My Jewish Learning. This Jewish diaspora from Eastern Europe helped bring these goods stateside and bagels quickly found their way into the lives of many across the country.

Gail Simmons counts herself as a bagel fanatic and has no qualms when it comes to showing off her love for the baked item. In a recent Instagram post, the co-host of "The Good Dish" lovingly posed next to a stack of bagels and captioned the photo with, "Bagels, a love story in four parts." Fans loved the bagel photoshoot and quickly jumped in with their commentary.

A ton of love for Gail Simmons and bagels

Fellow Instagrammers quickly replied to Simmons' post and overwhelmingly approved of her bagel love story. Excited comments ranged from, "I love this picture because it has 2 of my favorite Jewish icons," all the way to, "The romance 2022 needs right now!" Others jumped in with, "Hey bagel, come over schmear!" and, "God help the person who tries to come between you and your bagels!" Some even chimed in with, "This is adorable!!!" and, "You two look so happy together! Iconic duo!" One user even tried to start a bagel fight, saying, "Jeez ... do you want Quebecers to see you that close to a stack of inferior NY bagels?"

One other Instagrammer noted that Simmons and the stack of bagels couldn't look better together, saying, "I came for the bagels and I stayed for the jacket which looks insanely good on you." No matter how you spin it, Simmons touched just the right nerve with her bagel photoshoot and easily won over fans of both the star and the baked good.