Daphne Oz Just Shared A Pancake Recipe From Her New Cookbook

Daphne Oz has a new cookbook coming out soon, and she's doing her part to set mouths watering in anticipation. Called "Eat Your Heart Out," the new cooking tome is a collection of Oz's 150 favorite recipes that are all completely don't have refined sugar and are gluten-free but still "full of flavor," as she explains in a cooking demonstration posted to Instagram. These recipes are designed to help eaters "feel good and strong in your skin again," she explains.

The television host said she doesn't have a gluten allergy, but she claims in the video that many people may not feel their best when they have too much gluten in their diet. Some symptoms of gluten intolerance include fatigue, stomach upset, leg numbness, and muscle cramps, says MedLine Plus. Reducing refined sugar intake may lead to some pretty serious health benefits, like reduced risk of heart disease, weight loss, lower triglyceride levels, and so on, per WebMD.

All of that put together is a pretty compelling argument to try the author's pancake recipe, which you can do without even purchasing the book. Of course, if you like what you taste, that's always an option when it comes out on April 26.

What makes Daphne Oz's pancakes so special

Most people default to flour or pancake mixes to whip up a batch, but those aren't the best for overall health. Fortunately, per Daphne Oz, it's not necessary to sacrifice flavor and quality for the sake of nutrition. In the video, she says that it "still blows my mind that you can mash a banana, rolled oats, oat flour, some yogurt, eggs, and come out with the most rich, delicious, perfect pancake."

Throughout the video, she offers some tips and tricks. One of them is that a banana that's a little darker brown is best, so don't select one with a lot of yellow and green. A little bit of baking soda gives the pancakes "a lift," she says. Also, she notes that she likes to chew on the rolled oats within the pancakes, but it's absolutely fine to pulverize them to a more refined consistency. Oz also prefers sheep and goat's milk for this recipe, in particular, rather than cow's milk.

All told, Oz says that these pancakes are dense and filling, while still full of flavor and the fluffiness society has come to expect from pancakes. With the tasty nutritional pers, these flapjacks could be an excellent start to anyone's day.